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Hey guys, so firstly here's a bunch of shows I'll be at this month coming up real soon!

- This weekend (3-4th September) is Evolve Pop Culture Fair where I'll be doing another creature design live demo on the Saturday from 2-3pm.

- Then the weekend after that I'm heading to Sydney for Oz Comic-Con, I'll be at Booth 150 in the Artist's Alley.

- And then after that I'm heading to Brisbane for the other Oz Comic-Con, I'll be at Booth 140 in the Artist's Alley.

Should be another fun and exciting couple of weeks of shows, I'm currently still in the thick of organising everything and have a whole heap of art I need to work on getting out to you guys. Still developing the Patreon, working on getting the Store section of my new website setup as well as my Kickstarter art book projects for My Shadows & EXECUTION - so apologies there haven't been more updates on those fronts just yet. I've been doing a bunch of traditional commissions recently which I'll be sharing soon (the Cthulhu being one of them).

- Cthulhu - by AustenMengler  Cthulhu - Concept 4 by AustenMengler  Cthulhu - Concept 03 by AustenMengler  Cthulhu - Concept 02 by AustenMengler  Cthulhu - Concept 01 by AustenMengler

Anyway, looking through my old gallery I've just gone through and made a whole bunch of old work visible again (out of my Scraps section). It seems with art and the job of selling it becoming my job these days rather than a hobby, and with doing so many shows across Australia and trying to be more professional I've been really restricting how much I share and put up on the web. I find I'm being too self critical of myself or trying to expand to too many platforms or post at the right time, overthinking the whole thing which leads to not posting at all. 

I've amassed hundreds of artworks that I still haven't shared, some from years ago and a lot of interesting ideas and silly, fun creative drawings and sketches that are scanned onto my PC and then just sit there. Instead of taking it to a finished state in the same energy of creating it - be it because I'm too busy, feel it's not good enough or just aren't into it as much when looking at it on a computer screen - it just sits there in a folder waiting for me to see it again and come back to it. I think a lot of the anxiety comes from overthinking everything, or now that I'm exhibiting at conventions so regularly it has changed my perspective on how people see my art a bit. S
o I'm just writing this here to remind myself to try and be more pro-active and just post more goddamn art.

A recent video by Jake Parker really was the nail in the coffin, I've heard this saying before but his new video on it is a hard hitting wake up call - Finished, Not Perfect:


So yeah, although it's important to strive for improvement in your work - finishing things is something I really need to work on for my own personal projects. It carries over to a lot of things that I need to just jump into - Launching my Patreon, Kickstarter or other things that I put off as I want to be perfect, but something perfect never really exists in art anyway and a lot of these things can be worked out as I go. Plus the great point of the video is that a year from now, all the work you do will be so much better than what you're worrying about now. Anyway, don't want to ramble on for too long (this blog post in itself is probably time I could be finishing some art!) but just wanted to update you guys on how I'm doing and let you know that I'm no where near done making art and art books, only really just getting started.

Also, I should mention that my friend Lauren Marshall has an awesome looking Kickstarter on at the moment, which you can check out here:…

Thanks for the support, watches, favourites and comments and hope ya have a good one!

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Jake Parker always nails it man, the dude is full of sage advice.

Good luck with all the cons, and good luck with getting all your art books done.

I recently put out an art book, it was full of art that I'd had sitting around for ages that I would always mess with but never call finished or post. I put out the art book and told myself that that was it, once the art book was out I'd never touch that art work again and that I'd only go forward and create new and better work. It actually really helped me mentally get over this hump I just couldn't seem to get passed. 
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Hey, happy for you that you are part of the ComicCons (although I'm not able to go to there (only in Germany)).
And yeah, another live demo. Thumbs Up Will there be a video later on on youtube by any chance? 
Btw: Interesting soundcloud-playlist. Including "Outer Edges" from Noisia, nice! Hehe ;)