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So it’s already nearly April and I still haven’t put this up - whoops. Below is the list of conventions I'll be attending this year around Australia, starting next weekend with Perth Oz Comic-Con (Stand 60) and followed closely the weekends after with Supanova Gold Coast (Stand 56) & Melbourne. I've got a lot of plans and new artwork and projects brewing (which shall be announced real soon) so I'm looking forward to catching up with you all, talking about art and showing you some more of the creepy critters from my head.

Also I just put up a new sketchbook walkthrough video on my YouTube channel, here's the link!


Thanks so much for the support and all the best!
- Austen

Throughout the Year:
MELBOURNE - Studio Fezilla - www.facebook.com/studiofezilla…

20 Feb - PERTH - Quality Comics 'Chaos' Pop Culture Fair

27 Feb - PERTH - Collector Zone Toy & Hobby Fair

2-3 April - PERTH - Oz Comic-Con (Stand 60)

9-10 April - GOLD COAST - Supanova Pop Culture Expo (Stand 56)

16-17 April - MELBOURNE - Supanova Pop Culture Expo

29 May - PERTH - Collector Zone Toy & Hobby Fair

11-12 June - MELBOURNE - Oz Comic-Con

17-19 June - SYDNEY - Supanova Pop Culture Expo (Stand 57)

25-26 June - PERTH - Supanova Pop Culture Expo (Stand 45)
(Also live demo at 2:30pm at the Imagineer's Playground Stage)

2nd July - PERTH - Chaos Pop Culture Fair #3
Also performed a brief talk on stage.

9 July - PERTH - Nexus Toy Fair

3-4 September - PERTH - EVOLVE 2016

10-11 September - SYDNEY - Oz Comic-Con


17-18 September - BRISBANE - Oz Comic-Con

8 October - PERTH - Nexus Toy Fair

29 October - PERTH - Tosche Station Collector Fair
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Scarledian's avatar
Maybe next time I get there, I'll be able to buy one of those shirts of ya. XD
AustenMengler's avatar
Haha thanks man! I don't really have as many shirts these days with me as I find having them at the booth can confuse people sometimes into thinking I'm more of a merchandise booth at the show, but they're definitely still available at my Society6. Let me know if there are any that aren't currently up that you'd want a shirt of too :)society6.com/lordnetsua
HarryOsborn-Art's avatar
Awesome! good to know :) watching your Sketchbook walkthrough right now too....cluck..
AustenMengler's avatar
Cheers dude! Gotta make more of those, they're fun to go through :)
SinnamonBby's avatar
Definitely going to see you and get something in Comic Con Perth and Perth Supanova! I can't wait!
AustenMengler's avatar
Awesome thank you so much! Been trying to put together lots of new stuff for it, can't wait for it to just be the show already! ;)
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