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It's aliiiiive... it's ALIVE!!!!!

Pencil sketch:
Zombilisk - sketch by AustenMengler
More Shadows:
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Would not want to wake up to that...ever.
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i'm pretty sure it only needs a hug :D (Big Grin) 
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I'm sure he does, and really, don't we all?
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Good God! Such a chilling abomination- it reminds me of the "colossal ruin" monster from Alice: Madness Returns. :thumbsup:
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Ah thanks so much! I need to play that game. It's been on my Steam list for so long!
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omgggggggggggggggggggggg this NEEDS to be put into a zombie movie or video game! seriously this thing is awesome looking as hell! :heart:
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Aw, he looks so happy!
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I'd imagine it curling up like a rope and then spinning back around flinging a barrage of nails or quills.
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Amazing. It looks so disgusting yet horrifying.
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So nightmarish that it's fanTAStic!  I'm really lovin your Shadow collection a lot.  You really have a scary imagination, and it's righteous!
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Thanks so much! Many more Shadows on the way :)
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Good. I needed something to keep me awake at night.
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He looks like the dollfaced thingies from the game: Alice  madness returns.
Man this is so awesome, i am getting ready to go and see some gore movie because of this drawing. XD
AustenMengler's avatar
Awesome! Still have to play that game. And hell yeah! Gore movies :D
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I recomment the game, if you like adventure games with horror themes it with a childish twist, you'll love the game
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Too cool as always!
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Its Razorface :D
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