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Everyone loves a clown right? Well they're all coming over for a PARTY! :chainsaw:

MONSTERS 02 by AustenMengler  DEMONS by AustenMengler  MONSTERS 06 by AustenMengler  MONSTERS 03 by AustenMengler  MONSTERS 04 by AustenMengler
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fallensolger666Student General Artist
happy b day hope you like the clowns. love the work
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I have been contemplating the basic paradox of clowns since I saw an interview with Stephen King regarding Pennywise the other day, and I learned something. The kind of clowns that typically come across as scary really only are up close. When they keep their distance, and from there do their usual thing, then they are really amusing and goofy cute as they are SUPPOSED to seem---IF they keep their distance.
Then I think about a few clowns that don't come across as so scary up close, and on those less is definitely more. I remember as a kid, a grandfatherly clown from Denver had a show, and he was simply "Hobo", a dash of white on the eyes and a red nose, and natural Iron gray stubble, and he was perfect. He was like the kind of grandpa I wish I could have had, with a gentle countenance that no sane kid would have felt the least overwhelmed by.
More recently, a pro clown has stood out by not wearing any make up (apart from basic stage enhancer) and only making his long, long hair stand straight up.
Then I remembered while during rodeo how hard it was to make out the regular cowboy's features but the more rodeo clown's expressions could be more easily seen, and that was in a broad daylight arena. How much more difficult was it to make out a performer in a circus tent lit by torches in the early days of P.T. Barnum? THATS why clowns became so ridiculously flashy. They are literally like bike flashers, designed to catch and reflect as much torch light as possible and so all their expressions could easily be seen at a distance by 19th century spectators. Those same clowns, early on, when preforming for a small audience up close were wise enough to use less makeup because it was ridiculous to go so over the top like that, like flashing a bright light right in their faces.
Eventually, lighting got slightly better, and clowns were encouraged to interact with crowds directly after preforming from a distance. That left no time to change to a subtler makeup, and keeping a few clowns on the side in subtle makeup for that purpose fell by the wayside. Enough people and performers over several generations got so used to the extreme versions that they stopped bothering to be subtle at all, which became a tradition, failing to grasp how overwhelming they sometimes came across to unfamiliar children, who should have had more subtle clowns as their first experiences.
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BlasterixxHobbyist Digital Artist
Let the Zombie clown party begin! :D
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nyarlathotep115Hobbyist Writer
Guy-approves Chuck Norris Approves 
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Plugin848yHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome work!!
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MsVendettaHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful work as always!
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You and your clowns...hysterical...they are so Funny and entertaining...and gross and creepy and ewwwwwwwwwwwwswwwwwwww
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Blade1158Professional General Artist
For some odd reason I find these clowns far less disturbing than real clowns. Oh, well. Really nice work, by the way.
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PirkleationsHobbyist General Artist
Hungry for laughter......and slaughter. :)
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Well, you can't spell slaughter without laughter.
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Those are some amazingly scary looking clowns!
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firerockbirdStudent Artist
Amaizng scary work AustenMengler!
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TheIvoryFalconStudent General Artist
What a cheery punch :P My fave is the fellow with the beard. Nice work
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Last guy looks like he wants to stick that knife in his head.
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They look incredible! Great job.
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Wow ! Fantastic work :D
I like the one with big mustache too,  and the next of him !
Otherwise as for the drawing, I find it excellent, with these various face, details :)
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WeirdSwirlProfessional Traditional Artist
AWESOMEShiny La !!!
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ScrathedHobbyist General Artist
Heyy, good to see something from you again :D

Awesome designs, as always :D 
I really love the one with the big mustache :D 
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