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A beautiful zombie unicorn! Pencil sketch that I spent some more time on in Photoshop CS5 with my WACOM intuos3 tablet. Let me know what you think!

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My little eldritch abomination

i used to wonder necromancy could be

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This piece of artis as scary as is beautiful, which is a hellish lot.

Because of the artist's palette, the scene doesn't have the scary aura, but a beautiful and smooth one, alhough the image automatically contrast with it making the viewer feel intersted at the same time that scary, it's the same feeling of watching The Shining, at the same time beautiful and scary.

I've seen a lot of zombie creatures, but this is the first time I've seen a mix of something as innocent and benvolent as a unicron with the darkness of a zombie story. It takes fairytales to a whole new level of terror.
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I just want you to know that this work of art has touched my very soul! ;P

Thank you, Austen!

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Pink fluffy unicorn is dancing on................. BRAINS
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The BEST way to ruin a little girl's favorite mythical animal!

No, my favorite mythical animal is a dragon xD
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Aww what a cute unicorn 🦄
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"I make all your wishes come true by eating your brains"
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I want this on a T-Shirt 
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Thisis so good, I thought I could smell it rotting. o .o
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Bahaha! I drew unicorns for weeks because I couldn't draw anything else...I should have made them zombiecorns!
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Well, so go fairy tales catches fire. But apparently unicorns even in the death still look good ;) (Wink) 
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Just. Amazing!!!!!!!! It should be on a t-shirt. XD
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What a beautiful creature! 
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Okay, this is very, very cool ♥
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d'aw, what a cutie ^3^!
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Hello nightmare! :o
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