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One of the new pieces I'll have this weekend at Oz Comic-Con Perth, and my favourite Spider-Man villain/antihero - Venom. Always loved his twisted character from the comics, animated series and Playstation 1 Spider-Man games I used to play all the time as a kid. Wanted to portray him in my own horrifying light and took a lot of inspiration from deep sea fish. Also had to pay homage to Dan Luvisi's amazing Venom piece which I've always loved. Thanks and let me know what you think!

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Look how you massacred my me
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The way you draw is great but I don't like what you draw. It is scary and bloody. I think you are talented but its just that I don't like it sorry.

Don't let me get to you I just want you to know that you can lower the scary, or at least make it mature content.

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The attention to detail makes this art look like a horror model. Bloody awesome

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Wow man, this could also be one of those monsters from Dead Space!
I just LOVE how Venom looks in your artstyle. Very well done! This is incredible!
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That would of make spiderman a lot more interesting
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i like the dark bloody and twisted feel of this pic of venom very creepy kudos :3
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If that's blood, I'll assume venom crushed the host under all that bulk
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more frightening than the original, great job :)
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I would love to see your interpretations of creatures from videos games or movies, that are meant to be scary, but don't quite get it. Ex: Slenderman, No-Face,  Herobrine, and others.
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Cheers, yes I need to get posting with a lot of my art - I've got a lot of it on my PC and just need to get it fixed up and finished. Thanks though - I also want to do more videogame stuff too, like possibly some Hotline Miami fan art, or maybe some from F.E.A.R. Paxton Fettel was always an awesome character ;)
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Sounds awesome, I can't wait :)
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This is probably my most  favorite thing ever right now-
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Un Venom bien gore ! Et cette mâchoire ! Il est trop classe !
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Well I definitely see where you got the deep sea fish inspiration from, if that's not a Viperfish homage in that awesome scary-as-all-Lovecraft mouth of Venom's, I don't know what is. And it's AMAZING! The messy dribbles of blood, the scratches on the "suit" surface, the fact that the eye area looks so detailed and gross, like it's diseased and the white's just the puss dripping out and spilling all over, the bulging veins and spines, the INCREDIBLE scary curved teeth that look like they'll slam shut like a bear trap and cut through flesh like a freshly-sharpened katana.....also, THAT TONGUE. THAT FREAKING TERRIFYING TENTACLE-LIKE TONGUE WITH ALL THE BUMPS AND RIDGES AND GREEN DROOL.....JUST...JUST NOPE. NOPE. I'M OUT. :nope: 
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It actually looks like it's supposed to be a geriatric venom-- complete with wrinkly skin and bad teeth.
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Is he open to marrige?
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I'm guessing you're either A) a vorarephile, or B) intrigued at what that tongue could do.  

I'm hoping it's B.
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