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The Reeler

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- More fun with Dead Space redesigns - I could paint them all day. This guy shoots out his tongue to grab the player and then reels you in and swallows you with his rib cage.

This one I started as a pencil sketch ages ago and recently finished off in Photoshop. I know it's probably not the best habit to get into in terms of polishing old work - but as it's just a doodle/speed sketch I think it's alright just to practise speed. Really have to remember though that in future it's okay to leave old work as it is and better to start the whole thing again, as some of the new necromorph thumbnails I've been doing seem like more interesting designs that this guy here. Oh well, all about the learning process I guess. Do you sometimes go through phases of polishing old work?

Also this Saturday I'll be exhibiting at Perth's 
Evolve Pop Culture Fair with a lot of my work on show, hopefully see you there if you're going!

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The Grabber by AustenMenglerThe Conductor by AustenMenglerSlasher Butt by AustenMenglerPiggy Back Slasher by AustenMenglerSLASHER by AustenMenglerGuardian by AustenMengler
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You're a sick man, but that's why i love our art :D
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That is some really well drawn flesh and viscera.
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holy damn thats epic afffff my ni🅱️🅱️a 😤👌
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In the famous words of Markiplier "KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!"
Great art btw
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I love it, but I do have one question: how did I get here from magical girl manga?
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The wonders of deviantART I suppose! ;)
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Damn! I wouldn't want to mess one of those things. But it sure is entertaining to look at!:D (Big Grin) 
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Ooo nice color choice :) Great work  
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BOOM! Then it's torso just exploded!!!
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And now I want to eat. Strange: I never liked ribs. But maybe it's all because of this association with food.
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your artwork is soo amazing Waaaah! 
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So siick. :skull: 
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You are right!!!

But its awesome.
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Say it, don't spray it, man D:<

Awesome art btw ;)
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totally sick .
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Extreme! Way cool!
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At least it's not stuck against the wall like the Guardian. Awesome work!
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Kinda think about it, that's even worse because the Reeler's a guardian mobile <^<;
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Oh god... just thinking about that brings chills down my spine. That would definitely bring the scare factor back into the series when it's implemented in the next title.
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