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The Fire In Me

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Another in the "My Shadows" series. Check out the whole bunch here (and below). Done in Photoshop CC (2015) with my Wacom intuos pro tablet. Cheers guys and all the best!

Silenced by AustenMengler FINGERFACE by AustenMengler ARACHNOPHOBIA by AustenMengler STEM by AustenMengler The Cursed King by AustenMengler Dumbo by AustenMengler
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I colored this in photoshop, with your permission I'd like to post it

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The lighting is amazing here :D good job :D

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This is the essence of beauty.
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Its glowing eyes and jaws must be very useful if you've dropped your keys by night.
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it looks like my character Dextrios.
they kinda look similair a tiny bit. Dextrios is a skeleton with white glowing eyes, horns, and a shadowy aura. i don't need to give a full description.
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Can feel the cold radiating!
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Do I need to go on how creepy this is? No? Okay. How about how awesome? Also no? Okay, then.
I'll even so: This is scary. Like "unable-to-run" scary and somehow, also really impressive. I loved the skull and how the light shines. The way it comes out of it's mouth... *Shudders* Damn!!!
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cosmic horror are contained on his soul, or something like that
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Let's look at the positives... You don't need a torch in the darkness.
Let's look at the negatives... If your in the darkness this thing will haunt your nightmares.
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Another way to look at it... you are the darkness :)
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It has a very interesting look with the light coming from inside :)
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