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The Finger Man

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A new creeper in the My Shadows series. Coming from the dark realm of surreal shadow demons, The Finger Man stalks his prey, his giant long nails acting like spider legs to stab and impale his victims. Prints now available at my website, and process coming soon to my Patreon. Thanks!

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"and here children is what archeologists have named... fingerboy, known to siphon the dreams out of little kiddies whilst they slumbered" - sam o'nella

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The only good member of the Finger Family. But seriously this is awesome very creep much spoop
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This one looks like something straight out of the Zone...
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Incredibly creepy- this is the stuff of nightmares. My only question is along a biological/supernatural line-
Does he 'sense' victims? What is his ability to target them if he can't see, or is it like the xenomorph in Alien, where's its just instinct and honing in?
Please don't take this as criticism- I think it's wonderful. I just couldn't help asking myself this when looking at it.
I would love to try sculpting this.
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looks very creepy
I like so much the concept of this <3
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Nail for a face look great.
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This could easily be a Silent Hill monster :P
I love it! ;3
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Very creepy indeed!
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it gives me Oddworld vibes, expecially Shrikul ones
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Very epic design.^^ You like nightmare fuel, eh? XD ^_^ (Oh, out of curiosity, have you read my latest journal?)
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The title gave me a VASTLY different image when it was buffering
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