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The Conductor


Process video is up! -…

This guy has a beefy combination of bodies up at the front which he attacks with - and then at the back is the "brains" of the operation which the player has to take out with a well placed plasma cutter shot to make them stop. 
Watched The Thing again while I painted it for some inspiration ;)

Another Dead Space necromorph redesign for the challenge over at Brainstorm:… 

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Better grap your plasma cutter

Gonna slice through limbs

like a blade through butter

Better grap your plasma cutter

You know why?

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How I feel at 4am Monday morning...

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Really horrifying!
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Amazing work! I was inspired so much that I had to turn this lovely fella into a 3d model - I hopefully didn't butcher your design too much during the process. If you want to check it out here is the link:…

I would also like to use some other stuff of your for my personal works.

Thank you!
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So you’re  the genius behind this! I was inspired by your artwork.
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Is the conductor Skrillex?
does anyone have a flamethrower i can borrow?
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He looks similar to the Graverobber from a scene in Dead Space Downfall, not that there's anything wrong with that.
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You're much welcome. :)
Have you ever heard of the Hellgrammites from Warhammer 40k? They worshipped Chaos, probably primarily Nurgle. They resembled burnt, rotten corpses with a bit of crustacean traits like mandibles and exoskeletons, and they went to battle on the backs of genetically engineered warbeasts that also looked rancid, but rippled with muscle under sloughing skin. They lived in black coral spire cities with walkways between them made of black webbing. They were scattered to the stars when the humans destroyed their homeworld.
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Awesome cool, yeah haven't heard of them but always loved Warhammer and Chaos :)
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I really really like it, but I can't help but think the back part is a little cute. It looks a little bit like a slug.
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Haha yeahh, I think all my buddies are cute ;)
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Awesome! This Thing is one nasty monster in the best way possible. :)
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Your collection is like a Sacred Latrine.
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John Carpenter approves your works ..;) (Wink) 
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Dead Space + The Thing..Love it..:happybounce:
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Hell yeah! Such classics ;)
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