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My Shadows: Volume 01 Art Book (40pg) Available Here.

Isn't she a cootie pie? Looks like she's posing for a photograph - Say cheese!
Done in a couple hours in Photoshop CC, more dark stuff to come :)

Robin by AustenMengler   STEM by AustenMengler   Faceless by AustenMengler  Miasma by AustenMengler  My Shadow by AustenMengler  Knife in the Dark by AustenMengler

Check out the My Shadows page at for more.

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She looks like a mix of a little girl and an alien!
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... How can something this creepy look also kinda of cute??? How???
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She.. looks adorable!

I-I mean, look at that grin!

That grin is the brightest grin of all!


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Tentacootie: "When are you finely going to introduce me to your parents?"

Suspiciously long pause.

Boyfriend: "Soon."

Suspiciously long pause.

Boyfriend: "Very soon."

Suspiciously long pause.

Boyfriend: "Just be patient."
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Haha super creepy! ;)
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Such a pretty smile. :D
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Smile for the camera sweetie! :mwahaha:
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What are you doing here Pewds!? Stop being such a goofster!
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Being a goofster is part of his job. But we love our Pewds-chan not only for this reason :D (Big Grin)  
p.s. Btw, I want to ask you something. I mean, I can see that this black and white picture but Tentacootie is really gray?
p.p.s. Sorry for my English if I wrote something wrong Sweating a little... 
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Yes I think I know what you mean. And yes I think the Tentacootie is grey in real life, maybe with some blue spots or a little tint to the shade, but predominantly grey :)
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Ummm... Kawaii Derpy Lenny Face emoticon 
Well, I just came to say I finally found a use for the information about her skin color!
And I really think Tentacootie is very cute so I hope I did it correctly...Icon Ummm…
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Great job once more! Really love how she came out :)
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Thank you, again Llama Emoji-62 (Rawr I'll get you) [V3] 
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My mind's still tryin' to decide wether this be more adorable then terrifying

Good nonetheless
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What a beautiful million-dollar smile she's got. XD Pretty cool.
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"Whoah, whut teh fuk?" XD, reminds me of Charybdis from GOW 4 or whatever. Also, squid-man from Nightmare before Christmas. scary and pretty much what is at the bottom of the basement stairs.
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Great concept. so Bizarre ;-)
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