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What started as a random speed painting from last year quickly became much more once I came back to finish it recently. I see it now as representing the jarring feeling of having to be plugged into technology to be able to express yourself - and how spending too much time connected and online can make you feel jaded and isolated. So many people spend day after day on the computer and smart phones, myself included, and taking actual breaks and going outside for exercise is really important - not just for your physical health, but also you're mental state of mind. Something I won't be taking for granted as much in future.

That's just my two cents worth anyway, one interpretation that came to mind whilst painting it, what do you think it represents?Had a lot of fun with this one, hope you guys enjoy it!

Cheers guys and all the best!
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Hi! I love this. How would you feel if I used your image in an email to send to universities to ask for submissions for a short story competition (the topic is 'the digital and the local')?
You will of course be fully referenced.
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I was listening to this...
Made my day. XD
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Freakishly good!
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i like your concept good sir! the only thing i'd say to keep in mind for the next one (keeping in mind that this is a speed painting) would be to change that white haze over large parts of it because it washes out the vibrancy of the colors. maybe if you had a light color in the back ground and hit the edges with a blurred color dodge white so it's more light like and less hazy...unless that's what you were shooting for in which case ignore meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. <3
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Hey man, thanks for the input - will keep it in mind for the next one. Actually did want a washed out and disconnected feel to this one - like she's got a lot of vibrance to give but it's being limited by her restrictions - or something. Regardless, thanks!
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i'm just diggin your growth good sir
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love the color and imaginism of this piece
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Cheers, more to come hopefully! :)
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Cant wait to see more
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Those colours are beautiful :D:D and work so well together I love the textures in her hair ^w^
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Thanks a lot! I should really experiment with colour more :)
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It' certainly fun to experiment with :D
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Reminds me of how some people want a zombie apocalypse even though we already have one :v
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True that my friend, true that. - I say while sitting behind my computer all day every day :s
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Actually, you create.
You're thinking. Zombies want brains because they have none.

The zombies I'm referring to never look up from their phones :v
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Yeah true I suppose, but I am guilty of being a zombie for hours on end sometimes too! Lost in the bowls of YouTube, reddit, the internet.... what a time sink. At least I'm getting better at not playing video games these days ;)
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