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It's a shame they don't scare kids for screams anymore... Sulley was always a natural at it. :)

Portrait of James P. "Sulley" Sullivan from Monsters Inc. Done for a friend's short film project. Check out his stuff here

Pencil sketch and Photoshop CS5
Around 4-6 hours or so.

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Looks like horror movie monster mixed with the were rabbit from Wallace and Gromit.

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Wow a creepy thing! I love it
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wow ok i totally wanted my childhood ruined lol
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bruh how are your gums not fucked now?
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James looks like he walked through the wrong door.
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dont have sex with satan kids or else you will give birth to creatures like this.
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Don't worry, if I ever saw this face looking at me through the closest, I would scream so high, hard and loud that my lungs will just stop working. They'll have unlimited energy.
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Fantastic work!:heart:
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Why didn't they make Sully look like this in the actual movie. Sully would definitely be a natural at scarying children cx

Love It! :D
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hi Fredbear wannabe
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This is awesome!  I love seeing Sully evil. I think he'd be great friends with my Scary Fear
Crawling From Hell
I have a drawing two where I drew them together roaring. Anyway wonderful painting here. Like the detail on the hair, the crazy eyes and the realistic looking blood.
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Woah creepy looking fella! Nice work :)
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Hey thank you.  I'm glad you like him.  More where that came from. You've got a cool gallery of monsters too. I will check it out.
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now thats the monster that i know!!
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Jesus some one get doomguy
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