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Although hiding in plain sight was the plan, the alien fugitive's blood lust could not be contained from the citizens of Hawaii! Razor sharp claws and teeth ripped & teared until the beach bled red, and by the end of the massacre feast the alien's small size grew to a hulking 10 ft terror...

2019. Pencil, ink, marker, scanned & painted in Photoshop with my Wacom Mobile Studio Pro.

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i need to share this with my sister in law who is a huger fan of stitch, cant wait to get her reaction.

but nicely done as always, executed it perfectly!

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Now this Stitch is even bigger (& scarier) than what he originally looks like in the Disney cartoon.
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Braaaaains... :zombie zombie zombie Zombie Love Zombie Eat Zombie Emoticon Zombie Grabin' Pumpkin Man Eyebrow Zombie :zombie-chase: Zombie :La: Zombie Nom Dignified Zombie - NaNoEmo 6/30 Zombie Shocked Zombie - Emote I'ze a zombie Zombie survival Zombie llama Zombie glomp :zombie: rvmp Zombie Chomp Zombie Shooting zombie la Zombie Television Zombie Zombies Horde :zombie: revamp :zombies: 
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yep originally that will be his truie form.... 626!
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Super awesome job :clap: :D !!
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lol this is awesome 
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Nah, this isn’t Stitch, this is 627 after he escaped, killed Stitch and then spray painted himself blue as a disguise. Stitch would NEVER do this. His younger brother, however....
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WOW... you sure did a good job turning one of disney’s Most beloved characters into something akin to the critters.
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angelheartdisney123's avatar words.. HE ATE THE GIRL?.. but I really like this.. but it’s a bit creepy.. idk why..
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He looks adorable! I wanna snuggle him! I am a dummy! 

In all seriousness, great work here!
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Some serious nightmare fuel injecting insanity.
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Amazing work!

That little shit had better have not killed the cute big sister!
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And that Jumba is how you make a monster
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I’m sure this is actually 627 painted blue as a disguise.

...yes, it is canon that 627 really IS this evil. He just never got the chance....
...until now.
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what about Leroy (who i call 628)
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Hah! I just read the fandom. Great minds think alike. I stopped watching the show after the mysterious 628 was never properly revealed, and I certainly never got to see 629. I’m here for the macabre, not the Disney nostalgia, although I got a heaping helping of both, thanks.
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i love macabre too
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