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Around an hour and a half in Photoshop CS5.
Done with my WACOM intuos3 tablet, with some custom brushes from a couple random brush packs from deviantART.

Robin by AustenMengler Tentacootie by AustenMengler STEM by AustenMengler  Faceless by AustenMengler  My Shadow by AustenMengler Knife in the Dark by AustenMengler

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That's like some kind of Lovecraftian cosmic entity. Super cool!

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Looks like something from The Evil Within
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If the exposed parts of it look this terrifying, I'd hate to see what it looks like after its "essence" clears up.
It reminds me of the "lying figure" monsters from Silent Hill 2.
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Cheers, yes although I still need to get around and play the games - the film adaptation and creatures in it really were a big inspiration to me when I saw that film as a kid ;)
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Most of the games are great :)

-SH1 on the original PlayStation (or as a classic download on PS3)
-SH2, SH3, and SH: Origins on PS2 (the HD PS3 versions are poorly done, don't bother with those)
-SH: Downpour is on PS3 or 360
-The Silent Hill PT footage is on Youtube. Most unfortunately, the game has been cancelled, but there are still videos of the demo.
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woah, it's so intense.
this is stunning! the amount of energy in this piece is insane.
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Thanks so much! Had a lot of fun painting it ;)
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:wow: Definitely one of my favourites!
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Awesome work! There's a definite underlying similarity with the work of :iconstraechav:
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woow, makes feel uneasy
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This is awesome and intense! :D
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Nice work, it adds something I think when you can't quite see the head or face to a creature, it makes it look more inhuman, more sinister, both of which really add to it.
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Totally awesome
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Wow great artwork!
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Damn that's amazing! :iconclapplz::
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It looks as if someone blew up a "lying figure" from silent hill 2.
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Reminds me of a Human tornado
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So awesome!! :3
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The cloud.. :3

I love the shading, well done :D
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Very Lovecraftian. Well done.


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