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Fineliner & biro ink drawings of more demons, aliens and monsters from one of my sketchbooks. Which one is your favourite?

Working in inks straight off without pencils is sometimes great for exploring ideas and really thinking of the designs and lines your making. Focusing on one aspect at a time such as the head really helps with practise and your work flow too!

For more behind the scenes tutorials and videos check out my YouTube Channel via the Resources tab on my website

Sorry for the delay in getting more work to you guys too by the way, life has been so busy lately!

Cheers guys! 💀

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This art is the best cause it's like a concept and it is black and white
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Looks like the kind of bastards you'd see in Doom. Hella awesome work on your detailing.
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remembers my class companions after a sugar rush!
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I'm missing a family album.
Wait, these look familiar...

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The face hand is my favorite :D I like monsters with eyes and teeth where they shouldn't be haha
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you have very creative monsters :)
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Interesting, remind a mix of Necromorphs from Dead Space and creatures from Berserk !
Good work
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John carpenter's the thing
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Haha for sure ! Forgot about it
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