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More monster buddies! Ink sketches scanned and quickly rendered in Photoshop CC.
More recent sketches:
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To hell with (some) modern horror movies, these drawings need to have their own.
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Dude someone needs to hire you NOW cause every monster you have drawn is begging to come to life inside a horror game,  I would buy that shit in a instance  keep up the awesome work man!
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Wtf's with the old guy? I love it but I swear he's jerkin off harder than he's supposed to at that age.
DeathstarCocktail's avatar
so cute!  looks like you had fun

my favorite though is the scary old man with piano teeth and the scheming chicken man 
AustenMengler's avatar
Haha thanks! And yeah I sure did. And really love your names for these guys too haha ;)
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Lots of cool designs here :D
I like how you fill a page with headshots and ideas like this. Seems like a really good brainstorming exercise. :)
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Thanks! And yeah it definitely is. You should try it! ;)
5-prime's avatar
Ha, funny you should say that because I did try it a couple weeks ago, to come up with ideas for one of my projects. xD It's fun :D
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THese guys must have really good dental care, well considering their teeth haven't left any scars or puncture wounds.
Love the two headed glutton!
AustenMengler's avatar
Haha indeed! I have a passion for demented dentures. Thanks!
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good lord that finger face monster is the stuff of nightmares
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Haha thanks! Yes I really seem to be having a thing for finger monsters lately, and I don't think it's ending anytime soon ;)
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Noice work, man! You're one of the few artists on Deviant that I watch that is so consistent with drawing the macabre and whatnot. Definitely inspiring. 
AustenMengler's avatar
Ah thanks so much! I've got a lot more horrors inbound too!
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what do you draw your inspiration from if you dont mind me asking?
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Man - all over really. Obvious ones would be video game + film creatures and the concept art books that go along with them (like for Diablo, Dead Space etc) but also I follow a lot of other artists that really inspire me. Mixing human + animal or abstract shape anatomy is pretty interesting to me as well lately. I also get a lot of inspiration from music and the song titles these days - with metal like Katatonia, Mudvayne, Tool to more electronica music like HEALTH, Grimes and lots of others.

Really hard question to answer really as I don't really consciously know the answer, but it's really just all the things I ingest into my brain box which then get mixed up with imagination & come out of my pencil. Definitely check my YouTube channel if you want to check out more of my behind the scenes content :)
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I'm always so impressed with your work x.x
It honestly inspires me to be better at creature designs!
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