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More monsters girls and boys, enjoy! Done with pencil, fineliner & biro ink and Photoshop CC.

More Scary Sketches:
  BUGS by AustenMengler FREAKS by AustenMengler  MONSTERS 02 by AustenMengler   DEMONS by AustenMengler  SKULLS by AustenMengler
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There's a certain energy, disgust, and Gore to your work that it almost becomes funny.
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Incredible as always.
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i think the one with two mouths is the worst because i would always be getting second opinion 
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It'd be cool if people had a "monster mode" they can change into based on their personality. Kinda like how hulk gets green when mad but turn into some twitchy piranha with spider legs instead. That'd be sweet.Woohooooo! 
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Late reply from random person out-of-nowhere but...I might pick that idea for myself, if you don't mind :eyes:
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All yours, home biscuit.
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I like the pig-faced one, reminds me of the swine experiments in the Darkest Dungeon game.
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really cool and scary! :fear:
the last one's my favourite :nod:
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Awesome monster sketches
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the 'woman' balances it out:D
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Why do I imagine the one on the bottom left just continually throws eyeballs with his socket-tendril?
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Hell yes, these look good! I wouldn't want to meet them ;_;
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