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More beasties! Done in biro pen with touch ups in Photoshop CC.

I'm going to be at Oz Comic-Con Perth this weekend! (Stand 60) Still got so much to get ready...
Also check out a new hour long sketchbook walk-through video that's up on my YouTube channel:

Even more beasties:
MONSTERS 01 by AustenMengler  MONSTERS 02 by AustenMengler SCIFI HEADS 01 by AustenMengler  MONSTERS 05 by AustenMengler MONSTERS 04 by AustenMengler
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NeverMindTheseDay's avatar should I feel...creatures lie here...looking through the window...   (sorry, this song wouldn't stop playing through my head when I saw this XD)
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I love how the last guy looks like he's just shrugging and smiling all innocent-like :>
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Haha totally, he's just chillin!
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"Okay, WHO ate _____'s face? Fess up!"
"Nyehehehe, it wasn't me?
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These guys remind me of people on their expressions, mostly the cool smiles.
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Thanks! Yeah I want to try more expressions with them in future, great idea :)
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man I love your sick and twisted mind
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the one with the hand coming outta his mouth :D hahahahahaa, made my day! :D :D :D
ultimate monster-facepalm xD
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He's like blah! Haha cheers, I admit I laughed out loud when I drew that guy!
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:D hahaha, how would you not laugh when drawing that guy! :D haha
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Those are pretty cool sketches, especially like the one on top in the right corner !
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That moment when your dinner crawls back up your throat and slaps you in the face.
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Cool! I'm sorry I cant think of something humorous.
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Haha how dare you not comment with something extremely witty! (It's all good dude) ;)
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EEEEEEEE i love it so much X3 Emote :eeeee: 
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