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A really old piece of Monsters, Inc. fan art I've been sitting on for ages and finally did some finishing touches on today in between commission work.

Demonic zombie Mike Wazowski for your viewing pleasure! Might possibly do a print of this at the upcoming conventions! MAYBE.

All done in Photoshop CS5, around 3-4 hours.
Let me know what you think, feel free to share it round too - and as always thanks for all the support!

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Not as as bad as the sully one, but still woah
Velocishark's avatar
somebody be needing a snickers
StarWarsNerd101's avatar
Probably a good thing Mike didn't really look like that... It would give your kids nightmares for years to come
horrorplays's avatar
This is so sick, and I love it. 
Hassan-Draws's avatar
Oh shit that's fucking terrifying!! And they said Mike couldn't be scary. 
swooshDusk's avatar
Daviddv1202's avatar
And they say Mike is not scary...
Necromagenvion's avatar
If Monsters Inc. was rated R.
sevand's avatar
You are fucking sick bro omg !!!!!!
Luminarion's avatar
How is he sick? What's wrong with the picture? He made Monsters Inc. seem more real
sevand's avatar
I mean he is genius! :D
BassMaxAttackOFL's avatar
chill out bro he's just saying it's creepy
Luminarion's avatar
ok but did he really have to insult the guy? im sure he already knows some people will think his art is creepy.
but the insults arent necessary
BassMaxAttackOFL's avatar
I don't see an insult.
I see a compliment to his imagination.

If he wasn't "fucking sick bro" he probably wouldn't have been able to make something this disturbingly awesome.

I try to look outside the box and think positively since that's imo the best way to go.
However, if you consider it an insult, go ahead man.

UPDATE: being "Sick" in other terms can be considered you being "Awesome" or "Radical". So he could've actually been complimenting him all the time.
Luminarion's avatar
Ok, im just gonna go with this and say you could be right.
And now that im reading over your comment, the more im starting to think he purposely made his "compliment" like a insult to get people triggered. Cause people these days dont think outside the box like you, so they would get triggered
BassMaxAttackOFL's avatar
Whatever the case may be, the best option is to never get triggered.
That fuels a fire you'll wish the put out the moment it gets too big. Trust me.
That-Little-Asshole's avatar
Now Im a homikesexual thanks a lot, asswipe!
ToriTheFox3245's avatar
welp hes gonna go back to the university and scare the crap out of the monsters that made fun of him
moonlight1022's avatar
sketch- Wwwwhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Spike Emote - Noooooooo!!! Max Goof - Icon 
valoogirl's avatar
just amazing!!!!!!!!!! love it!
MikeWazowskiFanPage's avatar
I beat my meat to this.
mushgoo's avatar
I don't suppose you'd like a blowjob from this guy?
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