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Here's some more creature design work I did recently for the AETHERA campaign setting by Encounter Table Publishing, illustrating several new beasties in the Kyton force. This guy is one of the Khloris - an evil and corrupted Kyton version of an Erahthi; a hunter with a hellish inner glow and razor sharp rose vine whips. The concepts were sketched in pencil and ink (which will be coming soon) - and final illustration painted in Photoshop CC (2015) with my Wacom Intuos pro tablet. Cheers!

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I have made similar design for my viewer guidelines. You can see some best design of American Express.

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Every rose has its thorns
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.. why did this appear on my search with the keyword 'protoss' ? Oo

oh, and it does look cool :)
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The color is so vibrant, love it!
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you should call this one crimson rose
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thx i really like your creature disigns like this
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Looks like a satanic deathclaw.
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Haha cool! Cheers!
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*Got 6 notifications with new deviations from Khloris*

I'm gonna watch this one today and keep the others for tomorrow !
Wow, is that a hand ?
This one looks cool to, may I watch it in bigger.
What is this one ?

*click* *click* *click* *click* *click* 
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favourite image on all of deviantart, i love your work
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The detail is amazing! And I love how creepy this alien / demon looks. Beautifully drawn! :D
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That's a cool fuckin monster!  
your monsters are the best
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It's awesome, dude!La la la la 
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:) (Smile)
Really cool design! I wish to draw this creature from the pretty first momen I saw it:D (Big Grin) 
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Groot? Is that you?
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Groot should never have started taking meth.
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