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Fan artwork of my favourite character  from 'Small Soldiers' (1998) - Insanic from the Gorgonites. A film I was pretty obsessed with as a kid for it's awesome character designs, story and the fact all the monsters were the good guys. I used to collect all the toys, books, played the videogame to death and would draw the characters again and again until I got them right - I loved it to bits! I think it's a real reason I was so inspired to get into creating artwork of crazy characters of my own and pursue my twisted style - it's great to find something your passionate about to give you the drive to get better. Anyway, hope you like my take on him!

Pencil illustration scanned and painted in Photoshop CC (2015) with my Wacom intuos pro tablet.

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Took me a bit but i finally found out how to favorite things. Again.
Again, great work and i'll be looking forward to future works.
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I also loved this movie as a kid 
Even I first found out about it in an ad from a Comic book.:XD:
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I freaking love this guy! He's awesome! Hilarious! And a freaking badass! They need a sequel to this movie right away!
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This is how I thought of him as a kid.
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oh hell yeah. :skull:
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you won DeviantArt.
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Oh man, the moment I saw this I was just like "holy crap I can't remember what this is but I know I loved it" I then read the description and was like "Oh man! I havn't seen that movie in like forever!" This was one of my favorite characters in that movie and you did an amazing job with it.
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Thanks! It's one of mine too - you should go watch it again! It's an awesome one ;)
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I really should! I say that each time I run into something about the movie though. I always forget shortly afterwards though. maybe I'll remember this time!
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Haha do it! Do it for the Gorgonites! :)
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Fuuuuuuuuuuck, I used to love the hell out of Small Soldiers, I had all the toys too. Insanic was always my jam!
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He's the best! Huge inspiration on me as a kid. I swear I used to run around and pretend to be him hahaha
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curious how the rest of the characters from SS would turn out.
(since half of them are monsters)
I mean for intrest could always do Chip after he got burnt.
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Yeah that'd be awesome - I'd definitely have a lot of fun with all those Gorgonites - Slamfist, Archer, Freakenstein, Punch It, Ocula, Flatchoo, Scratch-It. Oh boi, they were so awesome!
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Talk about blast from the past xD
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Haha hell yeah! Love that movie ;)
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