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Signed A3 Print Available Here.

A4 pencil drawing scanned and then heavily edited in Photoshop CS5. Roughly 20 hours or so in total.

Whoa still hard to believe I'm finally uploading this guy. I started this boy sometime in the middle of last year! This may very well be my longest drawing in terms of the timespan I've been working on it. Even after I scanned it I must have spent another 4 hours or so adding blood and highlights in Photoshop.

But yes, another Dead Space Necromorph. I just love the monster design in that game! And these guys were a great addition. They shoot out of their chests baby like pods that spout tentacles to shoot at you.
Oh and don't go near them cause this might happen… And the screams, oh the screams....

This is the kind of drawing I could just keep on adding to forever but I've put it up as I am quite happy with it. I mean look it has a background! That's quite a big step for me. Regardless I will update it here if I make any changes to it in the future. Thanks for any comments and faves :)

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Blood Brushes used:……

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It made me remember of a Final Fantasy IV boss that came out of the wall... so cute <3

Really good job, I can't say anything else <3
DiamondOcean89's avatar
Absolutely stunning :)
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I know it is difficult to choose but for me the Guardians are the most disturbing of the necromorphs. Sure they are immobile but the noise. Just by remembering the moan . . . I will not sleep many a night. :fear:
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The scariest part about the Guardians is that the human hosts... are still alive. That explains that awful sound they make.
Maphisto86's avatar
They do seem to sigh when they are finally killed for good don't they. :fear: I get the feeling the "Feeders" from Dead Space 3 are also somehow still part human and that makes them creepier.

:iconisaacclarkeplz: "Man I don't know what dead means anymore. Are we necromorphs? Is this what it feels like after the marker reanimates them?"
gargoyleman412162's avatar
Who knows... I wouldn't be surprised if the marker really does that. That's a good one.
Also know as the marker's vagina
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Mad Skills. Gahtoemighty!
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This image is fucking majical! Such fantastic detail. Reminds me of Carpenters the Thing with the dog inside the cage. Again wonderful work!
berost's avatar
I wish to slay it
GLoabalGOthian's avatar
Sweet detail this is amazing.
Traumatiker's avatar
great detail indeed
CptBubblebeard's avatar
Pffff these Fu****z aint a prob in DS2 now, ALT fire of the PlasmeRifle nade laucher , iz a charm againsts them fatties!!
DrObinsonXV62's avatar
WOW! JUST WOW! that is all i can say to a piece of this calibre, it is absolutely amazing
ABloodyFunTime's avatar
I love your necromorph drawings <3
770AnimeLuva770's avatar
this is breath taking
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:heart: Your amazing deviation has been featured in this week's #Aus-Art - [link] - Featured Work.
SJNBeast-Productions's avatar
Excellent piece o' work! Nice :D
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I approve wholeheartedly of this affront to nature.
SoulReaperArtemis-'s avatar
Sooooooooooooooooooo much detail. Holy crap, I would never have the patience.
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This is fuckin raw. =)
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