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It's the dynamic duo - Wheels and Krabby Patty!
Ink sketches touched up quickly in Photoshop CC with my Wacom intuos pro tablet.

ALSO, check out a new sketchbook walkthrough video where I go through a whole sketchbook with my friend and give my thoughts and insight:…
Want to get into more content like that so let me know what you think!

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The hoverboard is the scariest part.
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crippled monsters = scariest shit ever
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The names... oh god I can't take it! XD Just amazing!
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I can hear Sarah Mcglachlan playing while seeing this. "Show your support today."
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Wheels seems like he would have trouble chewing his food with those awkward teeth.  But maybe Krabby chews it up and spits it into his mouth like a mother bird?  In exchange Krabby can ride in the shopping cart while Wheels pushes it around when they go to the grocery store.
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Haha! Maybe that should be my next picture! ;)
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Love your sketches! :D
The Wheeled One on the left with the Mega Teeth, I could easily see that one rolling through a Horror flick! ;) 
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Thanks so much! And yeah me too!
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So Squidward finally ate his own legs and Mr Crabs lost his restaurant,any news on spongebob?
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But alas
I cannot XD
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Now I've laughed my ass off :laughing:
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Haha nice hypothesis!
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The Segway is a nice touch. Thumbs Up 
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Cheers! Didn't figure it was one of those - but that makes sense. Maybes I should draw a proper segway monster/demon ;)
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That would be pretty hilarious.
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Oh ho. Is this a universe you're creating? Looks like something that would be in a psychological horror story.
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Might well be! I'm making several projects at the moment so I usually draw first and then see how they fit together later :)
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Well, I'm curious to see what you make of it.
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Cheers! I'm actually probably planning on putting together a book series called 'SCARY SKETCHES' so will be probably putting all these black and white type sketch designs in that if I can. Will be making a blog post about it sometime soon :)
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Oh. Sketches. Hmmm. Could work if they all depict a scene for a hidden story.
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These remind me of the Cthulu Mythos
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