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A bunch of post apocalyptic survivors, mutants and demons - and character exploration for Execution. Enjoy!
Ink and biro sketches shaded quickly in Photoshop CC with my Wacom intuos pro tablet.

ALSO, check out a new sketchbook walkthrough video where I go through a whole sketchbook with my friend and give my thoughts and insight:…
Want to get into more content like that so let me know what you think!

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Love all your pieces! Beautiful work!

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Nice work. Love the guy in the top right. Bug man!
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very nice!

I want the horned skull guy in the bottom left corner to be the best friend of the obligatory human protagonist in whatever post apocalyptic adventure story they get thrown into.  all he really wants is to pet cats and play his violin, raids and collecting skulls are just how he pays the bills  
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They could be cenobites from hellraiser saga.
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God, it's like Mad Max in space.
Fuck, I kinda wanna see that happen, now.
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Haha thanks, I'm workin in it! :)
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I like the dude on the top right corner who's completly random compared to the other characters
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Haha thanks! That made me laugh! :XD:
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You're welcome !
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kinda reminds me of a mix between some horrorgame/-movie and mad max! :D
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For sure, cheers! :)
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Once again, awesome stuff
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This is amazing. I love it! 
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Great job. Love the designs! :)
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Thanks a whole bunch! :)
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