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Next in the 'My Shadows' series. Not to get all preachy, but I like to think this guy is an ancient elephant spirit come back to make ivory poachers in the world pay for what they do. I'd be a shame to bring this up if I didn't add a link to Save the Elephants - so do consider checking it out

I might continue the animal-shadows theme for a few more pieces too. I've got some other ideas brewing to include in Volume 2, and skeletons are really interesting to paint. Would love to hear what you think. Cheers guys :)

Check out the My Shadows page at for more.

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Well, this sure looks scary, not as scary as how the live-action Dumbo will look like
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Brilliant work! I've always liked macabre new takes on "cute" characters, and your vengeful spirit backstory gives this some real social relevance.
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Cheers, yeah I really liked exploring the theme of animal spirits in this one - might have to do more :)
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Oh my goodness.

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Call me curious but what would you say if I wanted to feature your gallery in my upcoming novel 'Drake Willow'? Just a question. 
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Oh shit! This minds me of that Bladderhorn creature from that scifi movie/mockumentary 'Alien Planet'!
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nothing to say)just stunning)
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You will believe that a monstrosity could fly!
Or you can find this creature directly under the Monsterhattan Bridge.

Looks great.
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Ah man, I should make another one that's flying! D'oh!!
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This is fantastic! Would you by chance be willing to let me try my hand at coloring it?
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If this had been in the Elephant Graveyard instead of hyenas, Simba and Nala never would have gone exploring.
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Amazing work, love the composition and atmosphere and the elephant looks very ominous :love: added it to the featured folder of :icondark3sth0ur:
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What a lovely freak
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owwww.... i find this one very cute... and sad :(

I love when you draw animal-looking creatures  (my english is not so good to explain it :S )

great job!
AustenMengler's avatar
Thanks so much, I plan on doing way more creepy animal creatures :)
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wooooooooow! is so interesting!

i like it.

ps:is very great how you use the gray colours and shadows :)
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Thanks, I was pretty happy with how he turned out too :)
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Wow, this is very gorgeous! A bit creepy though .. xD
AustenMengler's avatar
Haha totally! Gotta love creepy stuff ;)
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I love this creature design! The mix of flesh and insect-like parts makes this guy really creepy!
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Cheers, yeah I really like the decayed, realistic/exaggerated proportions and features :)
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Weird chit. I like. 
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