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A tribute piece to Wayne Static of the industrial metal band Static-X, who sadly passed away last year. The title comes from the last song on their first album, which always resonated with me -…
Done over many hours in Photoshop CC, with my Wacom intuos pro (medium) tablet.

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Awesome, saw them at Ozzfest and Ministry was supposed to be there but didn't show up so they did a cover of burning inside, needless to say they ripped it
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Love it! RIP Wayne.
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Awesome! I recognized him immediately.
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wow. it has such presence :) wonderful
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Thanks so much, glad you like it :)
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RIP Wayne you will be missed. Fantastic tribute.
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Thanks, yeah I was really saddened when I heard the news. I'll keep on listening to all his music though.
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At first I thought it was my brother playing jokes on me, much to my horror to find out otherwise. First band that got me into metal so many years ago and like you, I still listen today! I had hoped to get around to my own tribute at some point. You are of course most welcome.
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Ah that sucks, yes I was taken aback by it too - I remember I'd just bought a compilation set of all their first 5 albums in one, and was listening to it on repeat when I heard the news that he passed away. Really a shame. But thanks for the kind words and yes - the Static lives on through us listening to him.
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great tribute for another great artist. Good job! 
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And so metal loses another good man. While he's gone, his legacy lives on.
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It sure does, I'm still listening to all his music and will for a long time I imagine.
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Wouldn't have it any other way.
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Great job. RIP Wayne. 
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Cheers, and yes RIP indeed - he will be missed!
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I have no words I'm afraid, its too good and I'm afraid my words wouldn't do it justice :O
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Wow thanks so much, glad you like it :)
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If anyone is a metal (music) fan... this reminds me of something of that...
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