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Death Lord

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- Well you guys asked for it, here he is. With a whopping 31 or so votes, the Death Lord. I'll be doing some more from the first page of thumbnails soon, and also have many more pages of them to upload!

Doing all these these thumbnails has been such a rush, and also a hugely eye opening experience for my process. I'd highly recommend it to anyone struggling to come up with ideas. 

In the past I've left sketching to my sketchbook and done the finished pieces in Photoshop, but doing these quick little guys digitally has been a great reminder how fast and essential thumbnails are to churning out ideas.

And that's what's at the heart of concept art: ideas. 

It is easy to get into the habit of just taking random sketches done in spare time all the way to final cause you already have them, but being able to create loads of ideas is at the heart of coming up with good ones - the more you make the more diversity and range you can get. 

The idea behind a concept is the most important thing - if the concept stinks at a thumbnail stage - it's bound to stink at a final stage, no matter how many hours you spend rendering it.

All of this is pretty basic stuff but by getting the basics reiterated to me through those Gumroad tutorials I've been watching I've really had a look at my current work and process. I'll definitely be doing a lot more thumbnaiing in future - I've already done about 6 more pages of them, so much more on the way!

Will post the next page of thumbnails later today, really pumped to show you the rest of them.

As always, have a good one and cheers for the support!

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Wow I see you are extremely skilled.I and one friend have come up witha manga plot , but we cant make our own manga because our drawing skills are very poor.If you are interested in getting paid to make our manga , contact this email address.
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There is something shadowy and majestic about this picture... The collar makes it look like his head is bursting out through his body, and the helmet gives him a kind of grim facelessness. The staff-pick looks cool, too!
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great design
the emaciated figure, warped helm, and hanging bits makes me think of bloodborne
keep it up
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Pure brilliance... I love the tendrils sprouting from the bottom, and the smoke. Although, I think the 'scythe' resembles a pickaxe more.
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i like the gladiatorish helm. awesome work
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Very wicked, dark, creepy, and Grim Reaperesque. I imagine this to be the entity that's stalking folks who cheat death in the Final Destination movies.
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You've really managed to capture lots of traditionally "evil" ideas into this without being too obvious with them. Yes, there is a scythe, but it's a really grunge sort of scythe. Yes, there's skeleton showing, but not everywhere. And you've managed to make it (him?) enough human that the viewer recognizes it as a humanoid, but that necessary bit "off" so that the viewer is also disturbed. Great work. :+fav:
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Amazing lines. Details are rendered beautifully. Doing this as a monochromatic piece was a fantastic choice.
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super sexy detail grim reaper!
although a pickaxe would not be my weapon of choice if im the lord of the undead! XD
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WoW ! it looks awesome °__o
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OMG, I suggested you'd do this one when I reblogged your thumbnails on Tumblr! I'm so happy!
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it has that mix of cyber and fantasy feel, very nice indeed..
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I just freakin love it.
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A marvelous design. :D
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Awesome work.
It's Death if he drops his cloak :D
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