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A new portfolio piece I've been working on for ages and probably one of my most detailed pieces to date. An army of classic undead zombie demons (either demons from hell who have been brought back and stitched together or zombies that have been mutated and transformed by dark magic - i'll leave it up to you guys) marching through the snow to scare the heebee jeebees out of everyone.

Inspired by Blizzard type games, Warhammer and all that fun dark fantasy stuff. Started as a basic sketch of the main demon in my sketchbook (from some years ago) and then have been painting it on and off for quite a while. Might get a process for this one up at some point seeing though it went through a lot of changes - I could have posted it earlier but wanted to see how far I could take it to make it more of a finished illustration. Hope that pays off and let me know what you think. Cheers!

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This is amazing, looks like something that'd be on the album cover for Abominable Putridity or some similar Brutal Death Metal band. Hellyeah.

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Oh my god YASSS

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Holy crap. That's amazing. You're amazing.

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This is so disgusting I love it :D

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Someone had a bad trip...
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deadspace + silent hill + assrape
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I'm not sure if I've commented on this one before but damn, this has got to be one of the most brutal and metal looking design I've ever seen. One of my favourite works from you
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Beautifully disgusting and awesome design!
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Thanks so much! :)
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You out-"Thing"-ed my Thing!
Cool Stuff!
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Awesome, so creepy.
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Looks like abomination from warcraft
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totaly not XD 
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this is fucking awesome but I kinda feel like the hair/tendrils look a bit out of place like they've been drawn with a pencil while the rest of it is clearly digital painting.
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feed my soul lol
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Well damn.... now I'm horny too ;)
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it hurts looking at it. i love this piece!
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Great piece. I think the extra time paid off.
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