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Now with speed painting video: Broken - Photoshop Process ~ 1 hour

Another Photoshop speedy painting done whilst watching Donnie Darko for the hundredth time. Probably around 1 hour all up - lots of fiddling at the end.

Also tried to just use one brush for this - and did so except for the blood hanging under his chin.

Guess the pose and hair is probably inspired by The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? (Thought I'd call it and save you the trouble :3)

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so beautiful, i was wondering if i can use this for my band logo please, i will give you all the credits
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Thanks! For a band logo I'd have to be compensated for the use, feel free to note or email me if you're interested in purchasing a copyright license for the image.
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this is so cool!!!
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I wish I was such an expert at Photoshop as you, make me so jealous >:(
Haha nice one anyways with the one brush and all... please have a maybe tips on photoshop or a tutorials maybe? If thats OK with you :P
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I'm planning on doing an FAQ sometime soon, and in it I'll link to some helpful tutorials. In the meantime have a look online like on YouTube or here, there are heaps of tutorials and such out there. Cheers :ahoy:
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Alright thanks for replying xD
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You're indecently good. x}
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Ah Donnie darko,one of the greatest movies ever,i just watched it yesterday lol,probably for the hundredth time. xD
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I love it so much! :)
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i can see the 'girl with the tat' pose in this. (i totally loved that character btw.)
but for me, it looks like a fantastic surreal take on neil gaiman's sandman.
the hair, the shadowy face, the pinpoint light in his eye.
it's morpheus dude. no doubt. sandman.
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Yes! Totally see Sandman in this. I started reading that comic but never got round to finishing it. Must do that! Cheers :)
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dark self portrait?
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Wow, nice job for just the one brush. Gives it a really cool and distorted texture.
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OMG!!! so awesome!!!

your works are always amazing :)

great job!!!
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Thank you so much! :)
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