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B is for BRAINS

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I've had such a productive week! I've got so many drawings on the go at the moment for university, lots of art coming your way! Here's one I finished today, showing zombie Cookie Monster about to eat some more children. 

WOAAH! A DD! Thank you so much! :spidey::horns:

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Just how I like it, extra bloody gorgeous!
angelheartdisney123's avatar
This just made me laugh.. I love this one
Ikzukuri's avatar
jESUs this is really good wow

when i clicked on it i heard a rattle behind my fridge lol
Rainbowdoodler209's avatar
You just made Cookie Monster look more deadly.....

Flippyisadorable's avatar
Me when I need food ;w;
xXRoyalMacaroniXx's avatar
I guess I'll just check Deviantart and-- nevermind.
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He is Brain Monster now.
Roninwolf1981's avatar
I remember seeing this pic several years ago.  This has got to be one of the best surreal images in my opinion.
AustenMengler's avatar
Wow thank you so much! :)
reiler12's avatar
Stupid kids,this is warp demon idiots.
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Haha definitely!!!
revupthosefryers666's avatar

We'll kill the kids together
000legendcreep000's avatar
I accept the mass killi- I mean..... Making new friends.....
revupthosefryers666's avatar
I like  eating bowels.
Sew3r-Gat0r's avatar
"C is for children, that's good enough for me!"
AustenMengler's avatar
Hahaha well done! ;)
Sew3r-Gat0r's avatar
Haha thank you! I quite like making puns! Especially ones with dark humor ;)
DrvonSchmeltwick's avatar
Fun Fact: Cookie Monster was originally green with big, yellow teeth! If you had made him like that, he'd be even scarier (at the cost of recognizability).
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