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All the Better to Eat You With...

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A rework of my really old Little Red Riding Hood piece from 2011 that I wanted to do a 'remastered' version of to bring it up to my current skill level. Still some areas that bug me but as this is easily something I could just keep on adding to forever I'll have to call it done and move on. Spent many hours in Photoshop CC with my Wacom intuos pro (medium) tablet rendering up the details, looking at reference photos, trying to get a better sense of form, lighting and accuracy in the piece.

Keen to hear what you think of this version vs. the old one - it's interesting that as the artist myself I hands down prefers this new version as now I'm relatively more happy with it; but some people I've talked to about it prefer the original with what seems like a kind of nostalgic attachment. Oh well, guess this is why you shouldn't do this for every piece as you really do open up a whole can of worms when you go back to update an old work! Overall it was an interesting process though and I'm glad to have it as a piece I'm proud of showing off again in my portfolio.

Thanks for looking!
- Austen

Here's the original piece:
All the Better to Eat You With... by AustenMengler

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This is awesome? I love werewolves! Such an amazing piece...

(I call it a werewolf just because that's the vibe I get from it.

Could also just be called a wolf).

Such a wonderfully freaky piece.

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She will kill him, you can see it.

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If ever you’re faced with a zombie werewolf, you might as well just shoot yourself in the head.

pookiesaurus4's avatar
Why the undead wolf?
Right-Braine's avatar
Because it's look cool
Toxicdreameater's avatar
That’s so badass the details the blood 👍
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This piece is brilliant! I bought an A3 version at Supanova yesterday. I really love how much detail there is, with the bullet wounds and the folds in the cloak. It gives the impression that little red has been doing this a long time and ain't gonna take nothin' from nobody. It also really reminds me of RWBY and Bloodborne.
BartacomusKidd's avatar
Braaaaaaains... little red braaaaaains in hooooods.....
themasterofgaming123's avatar
woah that is one big bad wolf literally 0-0
RedFoxCZ033's avatar
shootgun for this situation
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both pieces are awesome. i liked the red tone of the first piece but the improvement is definitely there. as for lil red, i'd kind of like to see just the cape rather than her arms being out. for some reason, her pale arms really take away from the mysterious part of what she is going to do in this situation. and the boots throw me off. but other than that, great concept!
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This has always been my favorite type of werewolf or 'wolf creature'. With just a skull for a face!
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Though both images are outstanding, you did a marvelous job with the improvements in this piece! :la: I like how everything is more defined here, and I love the changes you made to Little Red. Really stunning all the way around - terrific work! :love:
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I want to see this wolf having a manicure
pookiesaurus4's avatar
Why is he a zombie?
PatrickJac's avatar
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Well, me actually...Run Away 
Nullgray's avatar
i'm looking through the #gore section, and i'm not really effected to gore. i'm immune to it. i've seen a man be torn apart and sown back together (this is what i saw. don't look at it if you're faint of heart. whatelseisonnow.files.wordpres…) and i'm still not effected by it. i can see even things that can give Lucifer nightmares, and i've still not be effected. like i said, i'm immune to gore.
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Big bad zombie wolf! :devil:
Me gusta! :p
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This is AWESOME!!
MissStichedMaiden's avatar
reminds me of RWBY RWBY Gif - Yang 3 
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Red riding hood is one thing, but the skull of the wolf reminds me of the Beowulf that Ironwood took on at the Vytal Festival coliseum.
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