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All the Better to Eat You With...

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Check out the full process VIDEO on my Youtube Channel!

Also, here's the 2016 Updated version, where I completely repainted it to bring it up to my current level:
All the Better to Eat You With... by AustenMengler

I did this last year for a Grimm fairytale illustration project for university and have just gotten around to finishing and touching it up now.
Pencil illustrations of The Wolf and Little Red scanned and then rendered and painted over in Photoshop CS5. Probably 5-7 hours in total.

Hoorah for zombie fairytales! :zombie::horns:

And don't worry, Little Red here knows kung fu. And who knows what she could be carrying in that little basket of hers.

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Ok. First of all, this is friking awesome!!! Like so awesome it blinds you with its awesomeness. The stance of the "wolf' is great and I love how you can see parts of the skeleton here and there and its guts. The muscular definition is incredible! The webbing between the fingers also gives a really dead look.

Now, my critique would be that it's head is maybe too small and I think you should have done more paw-like hands. And maybe included a tad more detail in Red's coat.

Overall, an amazing piece! I wish I was able to do stuff like this!! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
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Everything is really good, except maybe Little Red Riding Hood head (or hood is too big in relation to the body).
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Nothing is perfect 4 stars on everything
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Yeah. I think that everytime I look at it...... Awell XD
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Thanks for the critique! :)
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No words can describe just how truly awesome this is
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I personally prefer this piece because of how the red is focused on red riding hood, it brings the veiwers eyes straight to the center, and the whole color scheme gives it a scary atmosphere. ^w^
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My god, THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!! :D
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That's fucking cool!!!!
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Let the Good Blood guide you, Red Riding Hood. You must become a Hunter now.
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If I was still a kid, this would give me nightmares 
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That looks more like a wendigo than a wolf.
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Such a classic tale.
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Hey there little red riding hood, you sure are looking good. You're every thaang a big bad wolf could wannnnt. ArrroooooO
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Just beautiful
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Love it Love , this IS a Big Bad Wolf!
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He looks more like the wendigo. but still freaking awesome.
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That's so badass!
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Because of you I've got a new vision of the tale now!
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