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Originally set out to draw a Spider-Man related fan artwork for Supanova 2014 - Sydney this weekend, so I could maybe get Stan Lee to see it - but got carried away with my own thing until here we are with this.

Oh well, kind of like this better anyway, was awfully fun to draw such twisted anatomy, and a spider body and legs violently emerging from within.

Started as a pencil illustration, then spent many hours drawing/painting in Photoshop CC. Would love to know what you think!

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Oh, good lord... thats horrific.

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Truly disturbing.
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That's amazing!!! Well done!
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Im always drawn to the macabre! This is flippin' brutal! I love all the tiny details in all your drawings, this one in particular. The spider legs are so awesome *_*
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I like this particular sketch so much I'm commenting twice.
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love this sketch.
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I have to like this one: the "hanging like a puppette on strings" pose is one of y favorites since some 80s anime
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Better than the spider scene from Fulci's The Beyond.  Love to see this in a horror movie or book
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Is this a dude with a spider for an arse, or a spider with a dude for a face?
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Spiders are my worst nightmare.. this makes them even more creepy!
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holy shit, so detailed.
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Fantastically creepy. Great depth and atmosphere.
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Thanks for bringing my worst nightmare to life. =D
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This is absolutely incredible.
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No you're absolutely incredible! (For leaving such a nice comment!) Thanks! :)
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Love it!  He would make a great mate for my friend:…
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Did you show it to Stan Lee anyway?
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Sadly I was too busy at my stall to get a chance to - his line was so HUGE! Although I did get to see him from a far and sent him good vibes from my booth.
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Damn. I would pay to see a Spider-Man reboot where Spider-man is something like that.
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Haha, then I think he would even scare the crap out of Venom! ;)
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