Travel Update 24 - Milton Keynes and Beyond

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Hello boys and girls -

I thought it was about time that I write a little update for everyone whom may
still be interested in what is going on with our travels.

Firstly, let me thank the people whom have stayed in contact and have dropped a
line every once in a while. I've been quite surprised with the constant contact
I've had with some people - unexpected people, and the lack of contact I've had
with other people - unexpected people.

It has certainly been an interesting life experience - running off for a long
period with very little notice. While leaving was by no means a happy occasion,
this trip has certainly tort me a lot about life and my expectations of life. It
has also opened my eyes to a lot of things I did not see before - things, that I
think, will allow me to live life in a more meaningful and more efficient way….

This tip, in many ways, has allowed me to weed my garden so to speak. My mind,
my outlook, even my previous friends…. Some aspects of my old life have been
weeded out, while some neglected things have been freshly watered, and some
completely new and wonderful things have been planted. I'm curious of what the
next four months will bring - some roots will take, while other's will simply
die.  But enough of the silly metaphors!!!! :-)

As most of you are aware, Tracy and I are currently living in the town of Milton
Keynes, 75km North of London. Tracy is working for the local hospital, while I'm
working for the University. We are living in a shared house with 4 other people
which we all get along with (though we don't really consider ourselves
'friends'). We've managed to save a little bit of money, which should be enough
to finance the rest of this trip…should :-)

We take day trips to London regularly and have gotten to know the city quite
well. We've grown to quite like the place and will probably miss it once we
leave. That being said, nothing beat Perth back home :-) Tomorrow we're off to
Oxford for the first time. Next week, we'll probably go to Cambridge followed by
other couple of visits to London.

So, where is the road taking us from here? I've spent a hell of a lot reading
books and studying old maps (in old Lonely Planet Guides) - While a part of me
would enjoy travelling without a plan, it is just not financially possible.
EVERYTHING is cheaper when it is booked in advance, and without those discounts,
Trace and I would not be able to afford to go to the places we're going to. It's
a pain in the ass in many ways, but as long as my calculations are right, we
should not be having many regrets.

Enough small talk then, lets get down to the action. Here is a 90% secured rough
plan for the next few months -

14.02.05 - 24.02.05 - With a hire-car, Tracy, Jemma (one of Tracy's friends) and
myself will take a driving tour of England, Scotland and Wales, ending up in

This is followed by the following -

24.02.05 - 28.02.05 - Edinburgh - 4 Nights
28.02.05 - Fly from Edinburgh to Paris (Transfer in London-Luton)
28.02.05 - 04.03.05 - Paris - 4 Nights
04.03.05 - Train from Paris to Ieper(Belgium) (2 Transfers)
04.03.05 - 05.03.05 - Staying with donniebrasco in Ieper to explore the Battlefields
of WW1 and WW2

.^%$^%^!" - This will take too long to type up, so I'll just list the places and

Britain - 10 nights
Edinburgh(Scotland) - 4 nights
Paris(France) - 4 nights
Ieper(Belgium) - 1 night
Brugge(Belgium) - 2 nights
Antwerp(Belgium) - 3 nights
Maastrich(Netherlands) - 2 nights
Amsterdam(Netherlands) - 3 nights
Prague(Czech Rep) - 5 nights
Jasna(Slovakia) - 4 nights
London(England) - 1 night
Toronto(Canada) - 4 nights
Kincardine(Canada) and surrounds - 7 nights
Niagara Falls(Canada) - 2 nights
New York(US) - 5 nights
Orlando/Disneyworld(US) - 4 nights
West Palm Beach(US) - 2 nights
Toronto(Canada) - 2 nights
San Francisco and surrounds(US) - 8 nights
Las Vagas - 3 nights

I'll get back home around the 2nd of May, while Tracy will get back around the
14th of May.

Statistics, just for fun -

Total Distance of Drive in Britain - 4600km
Total number of take-offs (and landings I hope) during whole trip - 26
Total number of bus  trips - 11
Total number of Train trips - 18
Total number of Nights - 75

Any questions? :-)

All suggestions and comments are welcome and appreciated :-)



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Piolvan's avatar
It's good to see you back online ;) The only advice I can give you is to take some vitamins because of all these travels !!

See you :bye:
aussiepoida's avatar
Thanks for the advice :-)

Hopefully I'll be able to gain a different view of the French people during my time in Paris ;-)

Great to hear from you :-) I dont really have internet access at the moment, and its nice to see people are still poping by sometimes, even without me being able to comment on their work.


donniebrasco's avatar
yes the battlefields, it's something you should have seen
but compared to all the other things you'll be doing it seems to be the most boring one of all :p
man it's a very nice trip but weren't you supposed to do some oriental part also, I thought you mentioned something like asia or did I get it completely wrong
you're going to visit Rena sooner then me, say hi to her and give her looong hugs and lotsa kisses
you'll like it up there she's a nice lady, and hide the autobahn cd or you'll be hearing it over and over again (kraftwerk)
between you and me, she even brainwashed her kids, it's all they say the whole day:
Wir fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der Autobahn
fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der Autobahn

enjoy the lovely trip Peter
btw didn't greenday play in milton keynes? or gonna play there
aussiepoida's avatar
You didnt get it too wrong - I started my trip in Singapore, and I might have mentioned that I want to go to the Philipines one day :-)

I was under the impression that I had see the battlefields when I came to see you... well some trenches at least - but hell, if you know of any battle fields that I didnt see last time, I'd be more than happy to see them this time :D

I've been meaning to listen to some Kraftwerk music - I have never heard of them (apart from the Autobahn song) and I know Rena likes them :-)

Your suspicion regarding GreenDay - they will be paying here in the future some time. I'm not going to be here when that happens though. I've been putting thought into buying their new album lately - I've quite liked the frist 3 singles :-)

Cheers mate,


PS: Remember, we'll be going to that Turkish-Pizza place on Friday night ;-)
donniebrasco's avatar
Hmmm we did the nicest and most important cemetaries already, we did "illegal" some trenches ;)
honestly I don't know what else there is more to visit, i know you're not into museums. I'll check it out to see what more there is to do about the world wars up here.
If anything pops up to you feel free to suggest or ask me about, I'll see if it's possible or worth doing.
I like the new green day album a lot, I think it's of good quality :D
mmmmmm Pizza
take care you both
aussiepoida's avatar
Hello mate - My aim is not really to see new things - besides, we'll only be there for a day (unfortunately). My main aim is to show Tracy a couple of the things I've seen. Them being the City Gate (last post), the German Cemetery and the Commonwealth cemetery - and your place ;-)


donniebrasco's avatar
ow and you to tracey :kiss:
J4n3T's avatar
O:frail:O especially for you my dear.
aussiepoida's avatar
Nice to hear from you dear :hug:
homygirl's avatar
so you are planning to come back to belgium for a few days :w00t:
be sure to tell *Homy to come and see me

be safe
aussiepoida's avatar
I will certainly try :-)

Its a shame that we have such little time this time - I would have prefered to spend another 3 or 4 weeks in Belgium :no:

I hope you are well.

Cheers :hug:

arumdamour's avatar
Total number of beer=?


SO nice to hear from YOU, Peter!!! omg!

I thought you forgot about us.... ;-)
You sure know how to keep the stats... very interesting indeed. Not to mention a unique style of narration...

Always very enjoyable to read about your travel.

Be good and take care my dear. :hug: (gosh I miss our hug time! :aww: )
aussiepoida's avatar
I certainly have not forgotten about you, my dear :hug:

The number of beers=(A number too high for a drunk man to count to) :drunk: :giggle:

I'm looking forward to being able to spend time on DA again - Its hard to believe I've been traveling for 8 months already :D

Take Care :rose:

arumdamour's avatar
It seems like years to me dear. :D

But I am truly glad both you and Tracy are well and happily exploring the world.

Be good...and take care. :rose:
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