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Hello everyone,

I am not dead, but I am very inactive on DA these days. I no longer have access to a computer and have very little time to use one at the local library.

I though I had better bring you up to date with whats been happening. A kick in the ass by :iconarumdamour: is my main inspiration for that :D

Thank you Sarah :hug:

I dont have much time, this is will be brief -

:bulletred: I spent a few days in Brussels (Belgium)
:bulletred: Tracy and I went to my cousins wedding
:bulletred: We spent a couple of weeks in Switzerland
:bulletred: We spent one and a half weeks in the south of Spain (Calpe)
:bulletred: We spend a few days in the south of France (St Tropez, Monte Carlo)
:bulletred:We spent a week and a half in Switzerland

We are now in a little town called 'Milton Keynes', which is around 70km north of London.
Tracy is working at the local hospital, and I'm working for the 'Open University'.

We are planing to stay here until the 16th of Feb, before driving around Britain for a couple of weeks, then flying to Paris, head over to my beloved Belgium, to up to Amsterdam, fly over to Prague and then fly back to London to take our flight to Toronto.

I'm aiming to answer any messages I may get, but please dont expect me to comment on any random work.

I'm happy to comment on specific stuff, if you specifically want me to.. please bring the piece to my attention :nod:

I hope you are all well, and thank you to those people whom have remained in touch, even without my active presents on DA.



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websmith's avatar
I am looking forward to seeing photos from all these interesting places your visiting Peter :D

You said "depending on the work I might be able to get my hands on in Europe" in your previous journal and it's good too hear that it's falling into place for you both... Have fun :thumbsup:
aussiepoida's avatar
I'm glad you are still interested in my travels.... I plan to buy a very cheap computer within the next couple of weeks, just so I can type up journal entries and emails at home, and then take them to the library to send.

It has been a hell of a journey - And there are still 5 and a half months to go until I get back home. I miss Perth a lot, and I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone... even you ;-)

Getting work here was no problem at all... not for me at least :-) My work for the Bureau of Statistics looks good on my resume :-)

We did have a lot of trouble finding a place to live here in Milton Keynes. We didnt actually know where we were staying up until a couple of days before we left Switzerland. That being said, I cant believe how expensive accommidation is here. We are paying £105 per week, for a double bedroom in a shared 5-bedroom house. Can you image what £105 a week would get you in Perth :-)

Anyway, I must get on with my work. I hope you are well.



PS: Say hello to Emma for me.. I hope her back is better.
websmith's avatar
Yes it will be good to see you too.

£105 a week would probably be a decent figure for weekly mortgage repayments in Perth ;)

Emma's back is feeling better thanks to Hatha Yoga, thanks for asking :)
Homy's avatar
Dude ... when were you in Calpe ???
was that after Octobre 1 ????

because my mom and dad are for 2 months in Calpe .. they arrived Octobre 1st :D
aussiepoida's avatar
We left on the 26th of September and arrived back in Switzerland on the 8th of October..... I thought Calpe sounded familiar... Your parents mentioned it a few times :-)

Speaking of which... say hello to your parents for me :wave:
Homy's avatar
I will once they return *sigh*

they are sooooooo going to kill me :)
I'm getting a cat tomorrow :giggle:
aussiepoida's avatar
...just dont let that pussy on my bed ;-)
Homy's avatar
well .... the pussy will own your couch man :giggle
aussiepoida's avatar
I'd love to carry this on, but my mother sometimes reads my journals :blushes:
Homy's avatar

:wave: Hey Peters mom

I'm sorry for any bad influence I have been towards your son, but I promise by the time he gets back he'll behave again ... :pray:
J4n3T's avatar
Hello Peter and Tracy :!: :wave:
aussiepoida's avatar
Hello dear :hug:

Thanks for keeping in touch, even though I dont really have the means to return the favour :no:

Be good and take care

arumdamour's avatar
............... :butterfly:

..................................:frail: :heart: ..........:frail:

........................ :butterfly: .......:frail: ........ :butterfly:

.........:frail: :heart:..........:frail:

............... :butterfly:

.................................. to make it up for the kick! ;-)

I do miss you Peter! :hug:
aussiepoida's avatar
...and I miss you :hug:

I wonder if DA will ever be the same for me again, after my long absence :no:

I'm still planing to come to your home country one day.... would we be welcome at your house still?
arumdamour's avatar

You will always be welcome Peter, you and Tracy. :rose:

I miss you.....!!!!!!!
homygirl's avatar
come and see me with your beloved tracy...PROMISE YOU WILL :)
aussiepoida's avatar
I promise to try ;-)

Seriously though, I have time (and lack of transport) against me :-( We shall see....

.... otherwise you'll just have to come and visit us down in Perth :D

I'd love to catch up, but my return to Belgium is more of a "Run-in-and-see-the-sights-within-a-limi ted-time" thing. I'd love to catch up, but time will tell :-(

I trust you are well :hug:

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