Travel Update 20 - Ghent

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22.08.04 - 24.08.04

Thank you all for dropping by, you really are a wonderful audience :bow:

Ghent was the one place I really had no reason for staying in. I don't mean that in a mean way or anything, far from it in-fact. It just was not one of those places that I felt like I needed to visit.

What drew me to the place was the promise of free accommodation thanks to a nice fella named Oliver :-)

I sent him a message once I arrived at the St Pieter train station (as per his request) giving him a short description of myself. He responded that he'll be there in 10 minutes. As I was waiting, I suddenly started feeling like a piece of meat :-) Thoughts were going through my head..... 'what if he doesn't like the look of me' , 'what if he just keeps walking' etc... I then realised that those were actually pretty gay thoughts and so I stopped :-)

He did turn up though and I was very relived :-) I put the backpack in the back of his car and we made our way to his place.

His place was certainly one of the more interesting places I have stayed in during my travels. I felt like I walked straight into a scene from a druggy 70's movie.... the walls were full of posters featuring the Beetles, John Lennon and such and there were 2 guitars standing along the wall. The place had a very laid back feel and I could not help but feel rather chilled.

Oliver played his guitars regularly, and I sat there tapping my feet to the rhythm of the night..... yes, I know that sounds cheesy :D I must say that he was pretty good, and found it hard to believe that he could not find a group of people that wanted to play with him :shrug: After some extended chilling, he decided that it was time for a little tour of the city :-)

Ghent is certainly a nice place. The atmosphere is very friendly and very lively indeed. This is mainly due to the high student population as Ghent is a University town. Every street had a different vibe and style, which certainly made the city interesting to walk though. Once street had a modern look, and the next looked like a medieval town street.

An interesting fact is that Ghent was Europe's second largest city (after Paris) during medieval times :nod:

My time exploring the city was interesting and fun in a special way, but Ghent really just ended up being a place for me to relax a little and do a bit of reading. After the second day though, I felt the draw of my favourite city again.... Antwerp.... and I decided to make for it a day earlier than planned. I was eager to join back up with *homy, with whom I had a great time during my last stay in Antwerp.

Back to Antwerp then.... the city of Kings

Cheers to all,


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arumdamour's avatar
Your jounals have this touch of humour that I simply adore Peter!!! :hug:

Thank you for sharing your 'adventures' and making me smile!

aussiepoida's avatar
It is my pleasure. I'm badly behind with my journal at the moment. I still need to write up Journals for Antwerp, Luxembourg, Brussels and Switzerland....

Be good my dear :hug:

J4n3T's avatar
Ghent sounds like heaven:!:^_^ I want to see medieval town st. too:!:=P

aussiepoida's avatar
The place was rather nice, but was also a lot like other European Medival towns.

I hope you are well :aww: