Travel Update 15 - Rotterdam

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Well my friends, the Dance Parade in Rotterdam ended up being a hell of a thing :-)

Around 600,000 people turned up and turned the streets of Rotterdam into a hung party. I have never seen anything like it :dance: :boogie:

The whole thing started near the centre of town, near the train station, at 12:00. The parade made its way through a number of city streets for about 5 hours before finishing off at the location of the official after-party. I was there all the way and managed to give myself a nice little sunburn in the process :-)

While crossing one of the bridges, I saw a couple of girls waving the aussie flag. I had not seen any other aussies during my trip up to that point, so I just had to say hello. This, in turn, lead to conversation. It turned out that they knew one of the DJs on one of the floats. The `parade` part of the Dance Parade was drawing to a close, so we went looking for him and we eventually did. The conversation I had with this bloke ended with me scoring a free ticket to the afterparty :D I was a good boy, said thank you and went on my way.

The after-party was not quite as big as the parade itself, but still 100,000 people turned up, so it still qualifies as big :-) I danced on uptil 23:00 when my tiredness finally took the better of me and I headed back to the hostell. In other words, I pretty much danced for 11 hours streight, without alcahol or any other drugs. Thas is certainly more than most people there could claim to have done :-)

While I´m here, I might as well mention the ´angry midget´. This guy was staying at the same hostel as me (the Stayokay). The name is pretty much self-explanetary. He was a very angry little guy that seemed to be having the worst time of his life :-) I tried talking to him a couple of times, but his english was very bad indeed (not that there is anything wrong with that). He didnt seem to be able to find anyone to chat to (or maybe he wasnt trying), but every time I saw him, he looked angry!!!  Truth be told, towards the end of my stay, the site of him made me chuckle a little. Poor angry little guy :-)

Tomorrow (15.08.04) I'm off to Domburg for 3 nights. I plan to ride around a little and see the Delta-Project. I'll see how I go. I don't know what to expect from the place.

See you later all. I'll write the Domburg update soon :-)



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good BOY Peter:!: just :dance: =P
aussiepoida's avatar
OH, I will :dance: :boogie:


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.... you didnt mention :drunk: :D
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Just to let you know that I´m faithfully reading your journals and still really enjoying your trip!!!

I will write you an email in the next month or so concerning your planned visit here in the dead of winter. There isn´t really any rush at this point, I figure :)

Take good care and rock on! :hug:
aussiepoida's avatar
I'm glad to know that you are reading up on me :aww:

Take your time with the email... as you said, there is no rush. Unfortunatelly I am now rather limited with my time and dont really have a choice of when I'll be visiting Canada :-( But bad weather or not, I will see the place :D

Be good :hug:

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