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It me again,

As you have probably read in my previous Journal entry, Rotterdam is not the most exciting of cities, so I've decided to pop into the "easyInternetCafe" two days in a row.

For those of you that are intersted, I did 3 of the 4 things that I had planned in Yesterday's Journal. The deodorant purchasing was perticularly exciting :D

The Euro Tower was cheesy to say the least. The tower is 185m tall, and an elevator takes you the first 110m to a viewing platform. That was pretty cool. From there though, you make your way into a revolving seating thing that take you the remaining 75m into the air.... this is where the cheesyness begins.
The revolving room was initially tugged into a "landing pod" where no light could get in.... then little stars started glowing in the ceiling :clap: and David Bowie's "Iggi Stardust" (I forget the real title, but you know what I mean) started playing. Once the chorus started, the journey to the top began :clap: I felt like such a tourist :-)

The Photo-Museum was not too bad at all. It was certainly a lot better than the Photo-Museum in Winterthur in Switzerland. The collection that was on display were snaps from Amature photographers from 1890 - 1950. There were a lot of war photos (including some of Hitler himself) that were pretty impressive.

When I got back to the hostel, I decided to get comfortable in the TV room for a while. The comical situation that greeted me there was just fantastic - There was a boy in there, about the age of 10 watching TV. I sat down. 5 minutes later, a guy comes in and sits down in the same area. Conversation begins.
The young boy was from Morroco and could speak a little bit of English, lots of French and a little Spanish.
The older guy was from Spain and could speak Spanish, a little english and a little french.
....And I, the Australian-Swiss guy with my sound English, German and Swiss-German skills.

The conversation when on for about 2 hours and we were trying to explain where we were from and where we were going... we were also trying to explain what our coutries were like etc... the young boy would try to explain a lot in english, but if he didnt know the word, he would ask the other guy in Spanish whom, more often then not, didnt know the word in English either. It was just absolute madness, but we all had a good time and a good laugh :-)
After the 2 hour time had lapsed, a Japanese guy came into the room as well. He could speak fairly good English, but looked horrified at what was going on conversation wise :giggle:

Now, back onto the topic of the French (sorry *piolvan) - I'm in a 8 person dorm. There are 2 Italian, 1 Japanese, 4 French and I. Now - these frech people (2 guys, 2 girls) seem to think that they own the entire dorm. Everytime to go to the room, they are sitting and lazing around on my bed. A few times now, there were crumbs all over my sheets because they've been eating on my bed :frustrated:
In the morings, they usually get up around 6:45, turn on all the lights, pull open the curtains and have big conversations with loud laughter. WTF!!!!
In the evening, they make no effort at all to be quiet and usually end of waking up everyone. We tried telling them to be quite (in 3 languages!!!!) but nothing seems to work :angered:

As some of you may know, the Olympic opening ceremony was last night. There are two TV rooms in the hostel I'm staying in. I decided to go to the one on the top floor as it was filled with a number of people already watching the Ceremony.... There were about 10 of us watching, and we were all having a good time watching the teams come out..... but suddenly the French arrive (though not the same ones as in my dorm). There were 8 of them. The fun is suddely over. They sat down at a table and started have very loud conversation (yes, with very loud laughter)... the 10 of us can no longer hear the TV, so I got up and turned up the volume. For 5 minutes or so, the situation is semi-fine, if not relaxing. Then one of the French guys discovers the Piano in one of the corners of the lounge room. I think you can guess how the next hour or to was spent. He just played away (very badly might I add) laughting. At this stage, the 10 of us asked him to stop it (in around 4 languages) but he did not seem to know what we ment. I thought 'no' and the shaking of the head was universally understood.... but apparently not by this guy.

Eventually they left (after about 2 hours) and the 10 of us clapped as they did.... truth be told though, I doubt they even realised how 'hated' they were.... they just had no consideration for the rest of the people in the room.

I'm starting to get a little worried.... I have not yet met a french person on this trip that I managed to get along with... no matter how hard I try. They just seem to be in their own world, and everyone else is irrelivant. I'm hoping that my view on this will change though. Lucky *piolvan has already re-assured me a little that there are decent french people out there :nod: So thanks for that Piolvan. I'm trying to hard not to dislike them :no: but they dont make it easy.

Anyway, I must go now, as the Rotterdam Dance Parade will be starting soon. I think they are now expecting around 375,000 people. I shall take photos of all of them.

Take care everyone :wave:


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Peter you need to thanks them:!: coz they opened your eyes:!::lmao:
aussiepoida's avatar
...... Indeed they have ..... :-|
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Peter i just knew that you are Australian-Swiss guy^^; funny:!:

Those French really :no: :no::no: too crazy:!: like kids act! maybe their culture different ?:!: i don't know but some ppl seem easy to excite and TOO happy:lmao:

aussiepoida's avatar
There is nothing wrong with being too happy, its being too disrespectful that I have a problem with :-(

Take Care :hug: