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Greetings to you all,

I arrived in Haarlem on Tuesday and felt like I didnt want to leave. The original plan was to stay for only one night, but I decided to stay for 2. It does not sound like a big change, but when looking at my tight time schedule it certainly took some consideration.

The first day I spent walking around the old town centre which was very charming indeed. It felt a little like a combination between Antwerp and Salzburg... it did not have the happy pub atmosphere of Antwerp, but it had the charm of Salzburg.

I went back to the hostel reasonably early, read my book for a while (I just wanted to relax a bit) and then went to the Hostel's bar. There I met a nice Canadian and we had a few drinks. It was a fun night. Being pretty much the only person I got along with there, we ended up spening the next day together too.

The next day was a completly lazy day (which I welcomed after the pace of Amsterdam) on the beach. I wont go into too much detail here, but I have gained a new appreciation for Australian beaches... seriously. There was filth in the water and some sort of heavy industry centre was visible a little further up the beach. In the end though, it did not stop me from jumping in th water... if only for a few minutes.

The other thing that happened at the beach was that I managed to get a typical killer tourist sunburn.... My head, arms and legs looked like carrots by the time I got back to the hostel and had a shower. Who would have thought that I need sunscreen in the Netherlands during an overcast 27 degree day :-)

I slept well, though the coulple that came in at around 2 in the moring (rather drunk) confused the hostel dorm for a prifate room and put on a little show for the guests of the house.

I'm leaving for Rotterdam this morning :-)

Cheers Everyone :wave:


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yoo glad you're njoying yourself :D
about the carrot color, I guess you jumped in the water where they were dumping their waste, no one can get sunburnt on an overcast day
anyway when are you comming to Ieper now? haven't heard from you in a while
get in touch peter panda, peter poida, aussiepoida whatever dude.
aussiepoida's avatar
Hello mate,

The date of my arrival has not changed. If its cool with you I will arrive on Friday 20.08.04 and leave either on Sunday 22.08.04 OR Monday 23.08.04 - My departure date is depending on you and your working roster. I dont mind leaving on Sunday, which I assume is the likely choice.

I look forward to meeting you.... and I'm also looking forward to getting back in the Belgium :D

Cheers :drunk:

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:hug: always :dance: to hear from YOU:!:^_^

remember to take more "kids" and "baby" pics for me:!: I love kids:!:=P
aussiepoida's avatar
I'll see what I can do :-)

I took a few photos of babies and their parent in Antwerp, but I'm yet to see what they turned out like.

Take care