Travel Update 11 - Amsterdam

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Greetings to you all again,

This is my third day in Amsterdam and I have done a number of tourist things that I am not proud of. I've taken a couple of houndred photos... and I've been brainwashed at the Heineken Museum.... I am suddenly sure that it is a very good beer.... very sure indeed.

On the way back from there I enjoyed some lovely sushi, before coming across a cinema that was showing Mike Moore's new movie. I couldn't resist, since I've been wanting to see it for some time.

I have still not managed to actually make it to the red-light district. It seems they do not want me there ;-)

This place is starting to grow on me, and is slowly making its way up my list of favourite cities.... very slowly, its probably in 3rd place at the moment, though I cant be bothered listing the other places... Antwerp is still on top ;-)

Today I went to the Van Gogh museum which was packed with tourists.... While I did enjoy it, I couldnt wait to get out of the place after about an hour... it was just too crowded.

I'm slowly getting the hang of the tram, metro and bus system in this place and dont have too much trouble getting around.

I must now leave and take some photos of the Old and New Churches... I've been meaning to do it for a couple of days but keep getting sidetracked.

I'm off to Haarlem tomorrow.... I'm yet to look at accommodation there, but hope it wont be a problem... besides, I've got my tent with me anyway :-)

Cheers everyone.

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Ysa's avatar
did you like Amsterdam? hehe so cool! it's my hometown ^^
aussiepoida's avatar
Yes, Amsterdam certainly is a fantastic town. I'm not sure if I would actually like to live there, since I am used to the space we have here in Australia. But its a great place to visit, and I intend to go back again sometime.


Ysa's avatar
ah cool! im glad to hear you liked it :)
websmith's avatar
I like Heineken, my tradition is to have Heineken and Mexican food - goes really well together :hungry:

Amsterdam sounds great and I hope you manage to get a perve in at the red-light district :lol: seriously though I look forward to seeing your Amsterdam photos.
aussiepoida's avatar
Amsterdam has a very...strange atmosphere. Truth be told, I did not take as many photos there as in other cities. There were a lot of strange people hanging around... and I constantly got asked for money. I was alone, so the camera usualy stayed in the the bag. I did take a few photos though.

I'm certainly looking forward to uploading some of them once I get back to Switzerland.


websmith's avatar
sounds a bit dodgy in Amshterdam - actually it sounds a bit like Perth :D it's good you kept your camera out of sight though I think. Definately sounds like a character building experience :strong:
chiara's avatar
hehehe...well it sounds like you're quite independant of plans peter...that's the way in should travel, in my opinion...just see where you get swept off to.
In any case, it seems you're enjoying yourself...(:drunk:) ;p and i wish you fun with that...hehehe

:hug: take care of yourself

aussiepoida's avatar
Thank you very much for your well wishes.... my plans are not completely independant though. I have certain places I WANT to see, and others I'm happy to change... plus I have to be in Brussels on the 1st of September, so that is also a little constrictive.

Take Care :hug:

J4n3T's avatar
:hug:Peter:!: want to see your new pics now :camera:
aussiepoida's avatar
Sorry dear, you'll have to wait until I get back to Switzerland before I upload any ;-)
J4n3T's avatar
is ok:!: have FUN:!::hug:
Homy's avatar
I've been brainwashed at the Heineken Museum.... I am suddenly sure that it is a very good beer.... very sure indeed.

You betray the Belgium beer :tears : sniff: :cry:
aussiepoida's avatar
Belgian Beer is on a whole different scale and level mate.... nothing can touch them.... NOTHING!!!!
Homy's avatar
arumdamour's avatar
:excited: Did you say Heineken? :!:

My fav :beer: :!:

Take care Peter !! :rose:
aussiepoida's avatar
I did indeed :-)

I never really used to like it.... but suddenly I do... suddenly I notice all the subtle flavours... suddenly :D

I hope you are well my dear. Be good :hug:

arumdamour's avatar
I see that Heineken can be persuasive!!! "Suddenly..." :p =P

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