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Greetings to you nice folk :bow:

:earth: Welcome to Episode 7 of my Travel Journal :aww:

Truth be told, there is not much to update just at the moment, so I thought I'd give you a quick overview of what is happening, and what will be happening over the coming months.

:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Firstly and foremost, it is a pleasure to tell you that Tracy (my GF of 6 years) is flying over to Switzerland on the 2nd of September. I can not explain to you all how happy that makes me :-)
We will be travelling together for the remainder of the trip :aww:

:bulletpurple: I finished reading The Dark Tower IV – Wizard and Glass and have begun The Dark Tower V – Wolves of the Calla. I am hooked on this Stephen King series and has reaffirmed my view that he is one of the most talented writers of our time. It's just brilliant…. Seriously. I recommend you read this, every one of you :nod:

:bulletpurple: I went into Zürich to stock up on my beloved Belgian Brews :drunk: I carried 15 bottles home in my backpack… good times :D

:bulletpurple: I had a lovely dinner at the `Rosinli`(which is a small restaurant in the hills with lovely views of two regional lakes) with my Godfather Fritz, my aunty Maria and her husband Ruedi (yes, my hiking companions) and my Godmother and her husband. Good times were had, and old memories rekindled (we used to go to this place when I was but a little boy)

:bulletpurple: I helped to clean out my Monika and Ralph's old rental property. We managed to get it all done in one day, and the handover was a success… thanks to my floor cleaning skills… just kidding of course, it was a team effort :nod:

:bulletpurple: It was Heinz's Birthday :dance: :boogie: :cake: Heinz is, of course, one half of the lovely couple that is hosting me :aww: We bought him a flag pole for his birthday :-)

:bulletpurple: Berry picking is fun :nod: That's why I've spent a couple of days picking Berries in the garden at my Grandparents' house :aww:

:bulletpurple: I had dinner with Marian and Mike – A couple that have visited us in Australia on a couple of occasions. We had a great time going over some of their photos and could have had conversation late into the nigh. But it was a Wednesday, so the timing was not ideal. I hope to catch up with them again sometime next week before I leave :-)

Now, allow me to give you a quick rundown of what the plans are for the coming months:

:bulletblue: 01.08.04 – The Swiss National Holiday :dance: But more importantly the christening of Monika's (my cousin :-) )and her husband Ralph's daughter Michelle :aww:
:bulletblue: 02.08.04 - Flying off to Brussels :-) I will be spending 4 weeks in Belgium and the Netherlands.  I have high opens of meeting *donniebrasco, *homygirl and *homy while I am there :D

:bulletblue: 01.09.04 – Flying from Brussels to London, and then back to Zürich
:bulletblue: 02.09.04Tracy arrives in Zürich :aww: :dance: :boogie:
:bulletblue: 04.09.04The Wedding of my cousin Melanie and her beloved Mike, as well as the christening of their lovely daughter Yara
The weeks after the wedding will be spent further exploring Switzerland with Tracy by my side :-)
:bulletblue: 26.09.04 – Tracy, my Godmother and her husband Heinz, my cousin Monika and her lovely husband Ralph, and I will be going to Spain for 2 weeks. We'll be staying in Ralph's cousin's holiday house there with pool and all :-) I'm certainly looking forward to that :D
:bulletblue: 08.10.04 – We make our way back from Spain and spend a few days in the south of France near Monte Carlo and Cannes.
:bulletblue: 11.10.04Tracy celebrates her 24th Birthday :aww: :party: :cake: :dance: :boogie: :drunk:
:bulletblue: 14.10.04We fly off to London. This is where things start getting hazy. If all goes to plan, we will be staying in England for 4 months working :nod: I certainly hope this works out.
:bulletred: 15.02.05We Fly to Toronto, Canada. Here I will at last meet up with the delightful *verero :aww: I've been looking forward to meeting this wonderful lady for many months. She seems so down to earth, and the farm and village where she lives seem to be an earthly paradise – my opinion based strictly on what she's told me :-)
:bulletred: 31.03.05We fly to San Francisco to meet up with some relatives I have never personally met. Hello Paul and Lineli if you read this :wave: They seem delightful and I have no doubt we'll have a great time with them :aww:
For the following weeks we'll be relaxing and doing a little sightseeing around San Fran, as well as a little side-trip to Disneyworld, where I am hoping that Tracy's brother Adrian will be meet up with us :D
:bulletred: 01.05.05We fly back to Perth at long last…. I already miss the place, and being away from it has already shown me that it truly is my home now. How lucky I am to live there :-)

No Photos at this stage :no: thought there might be later :nod:

Take Care everyone :wave: :blowkiss:

Cheers :drunk:


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chiara's avatar
well my seems you've been having quite a nice time over there :)

i'm glad to hear it, it sounds like a marvelously structured trip :)
keep us updated, we miss you! :)

aussiepoida's avatar
:P Thank you dear - I certainly miss Australia....and I miss not being able to spend as much time on DA :-(

I'm sure my trip will take my mind off that though :-)

Take Care :hug:

Piolvan's avatar
What a nice "menu" you've prepared... you're lucky you know !! So you go to France in october ? South east of my country, you'll be in the area where I had to go to my exams... "la côte d'azur"... one of the most touristic place in France and in the world I think (a little too much in my opinion, sometimes it turns to the "cliché"). That's a chance you don't go there in summer because it would be a hysteric hell at this time of the year ! I live in the center west of France so I'll be very far from you (around 650 miles) at this time of the year. Cannes is a nice city with some casinos, it's a city for wealthy people with lot of americans so you'll have no problem talking english there :) Monte-Carlo, capital city of Monaco, is the city of the casinos in Europe as you know. It has a very good soccer team that plays in the french championship (and Monaco isn't french, strange no ?) and went in final last spring in the european's soccer cup (interesting, uh ? ;) )

You'll go to Spain too... one of the most beautiful country in the world... If you want tips and tricks about the spanish language, you can ask me I know some things (I'm student in spanish)...

I'm glad to see you're listening french music (Air) even if when you listen to it you don't know it's french in fact ;)

By the way, stay tune, I read evry update of your journal... And thanks again for all the nice words you've wrote...

See you :bye:
aussiepoida's avatar
Thanks for all the tips mate - This was certainly a happy surprise :-)

Truth be told, I'm not a big fan of casinos - this is mainly due to the fact that I am on a very stretch budget, so I doubt I'll have spare cash to play with :-)

I prefer to go to the casino on Perth where I live - if I loose money there, I won’t have to cut sure a trip, if you know what I mean ;-)

I'm looking forward to seeing Cannes - though truth be told, this is simply due to the movie festival :-) I have no idea what to expect.

Essentially, I am not a very touristy tourist - though I may look like one ;-) I try not to go to the big touristy centres. For this little side trip I'll be travelling with my relatives though, so I have little choice in the matter. France was never really on the cards for my trip, so in the end I'm certainly not complaining :-)

We'll be staying with Spanish speaking Relatives in Spain, so I should be able to survive those two weeks :-) Though I thank you for your offer of help :D

I've know that AIR is a French band since a friend first introduced me to them at the beginning of last year :-) They are indeed a fantastic band, and I now have all their albums - Including 'City Readings' even though I have no idea what the guy is talking about :giggle: I love the music though and wish there were more bands like them out there.

I'd love to see more of France one day, and will probably make a trip or two to Paris during our 4 month stay in England... perhaps you could be our guide ;-)

Thank you very much for you information and in-put :dance:


J4n3T's avatar
:hug: Hello Peter:!: Glad to know your news....with your sweetheart^_^:!: have Fun:!:
aussiepoida's avatar
Thank you Janet :hug:
arumdamour's avatar
Wonderful news Peter :!: I'm so glad Tracy is joining you on this journey around the world. :hug:
aussiepoida's avatar
....and so am I Sarah, so am I :aww:

donniebrasco's avatar
aaaargh you gonna meet up with me?
cancell the rest of your trip, you won't make it out here alive ;)
you really think it is sooo nice up there in kincardine?
well you're right, I've been there and would go back right now even :D
you'll have a swell time

looks like some cool things to go to and to do, I think you're lucky you know womeone everywhere you go, it helps in saving money and seeing cool places
enjoy and see you soon
aussiepoida's avatar
.....on your advice, the rest of my trip has been cancelled :giggle:

It certainly is handy to know people around the world.... It’s an element of DA that I never even considered until I started travelling.


mrblake's avatar
you don't come back 'till next year! geez, I thought it would be much sooner. I really have to make an effort to keep in contact so you don't forget about the annoying red-headed dude who always makes you eat japanese food. BTW It's good to hear Tracy will be joining you :)

Stay safe and enjoy life!
aussiepoida's avatar
oh, how could I ever forget you mate :hug:

I'm glad Trace is coming as well... it seems like everything will be ok... the future is finally bright again :aww:

I'll enjoy my trip for both of us - Its be great if we could meet somewhere along the line, but you've already said that you cant :no:



PS: Say hi that Shiv as well. She's such a lovely girl :aww:
Mannu's avatar
Yesterday I've finnished Songs of Susannah.. very... strange I think.. can't wait till november :cries:

I think I start with Duddits.. I've read, that it's very close to the Dark-Tower-Books ;) Maybe it can distract me a little bit ;)

aussiepoida's avatar
If you want to read other 'Tower' related books, I suggest 'Salem's Lot', 'The Talisman' and 'Black House'.

I actually haven’t heard of any connection between Dreamcatcher (the English title) and Dark Tower :confused:

Susannah will be arriving the mail tomorrow, though I'm only half-way through Calla :-)


Mannu's avatar
It comes in Susannah.. The relation between Dreamcatcher and the Tower.. Just a note on the end of the Book.. The others I've already read..
aussiepoida's avatar
Well, in that case I'll have to read Dreamcatcher as well ;-) Thanks for the tip :D
zerocomplex's avatar
aussiepoida's avatar
Hello mate, I trust you are well :-)
iagen's avatar
A flagpole? :confused:

How... unique. :D
aussiepoida's avatar
Unique indeed... but I want one as well now :giggle:
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