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To the Gracious and wonderful DA community, and silent non-DA affiliated family and friends whom have come to read :bow:

:earth: I welcome you to the 6th (and least interesting) Edition</b> of my travel column so far :D

You guys are probably getting sick of me telling you the same stories on different days, but either way, I though it was time to update my Journal once more. What have I been up to, you ask? Well read below and see..... Entertainment is, however, not guaranteed :-

:bulletred: As I mentioned last time, I have been driving around a fair bit. Every few days I grab my camera a jump in the car, in the hope that I'll come across something spectacular to take a picture of. I'm starting to get a little frustrated doing this though - Every time I come across something that worth taking a photo of, there is no place to stop and park, and I just have to keep on driving, wondering about the photo that could have been :-( I've driven past dozens of lovely places, houses, farmyards, rivers and creaks etc, simply because I could not stop. It makes me a very unhappy man :frustrated:
As a result of this, I have decided to go fro walks instead of drives in order to get some good shots... the question though is where? :confused:

:bulletred: I've been trying my hand at some set-up shots. It's not going to well so far though, as I'm failing to get in 'The Zone'. My godmother and husband are not photographic people, and as lovely as they are ( :blowkiss: ), I always feel a bit strange crawling around on the floor in front of them, lighting my subjects :crazy: So generally, it just does not happen. I have managed to take a couple of nice shots of a little guitar (the name escapes me for the moment). I'll probably upload one of them later. :nod:

:bulletred: I visited my Auntie Lisel and her Husband Hans-Peter (Hanspi). Hanspi is a fantastic photographer and we spent hours looking at some of his work. It was inspiring :omg: He tends to concentrate on nature photography and sells his prints for decent amounts. Several of my family members have his photos at home, including my parents in Australia. :nod:
I was surprised to see that he is also quite skilled in Street-Photography. He showed me the collection he made during his trip to Rome a couple of years ago, and it was amazing. It's incredible how much life can be captured in a photo if it is done right.... and for the most part, he know how to do it right :-)
I will be going on a photo trip with him in a couple of weeks. Just a couple of days in the Alps to take photos of Glaciers, mountains, flora and Fauna. I'm looking forward to that. It will be a treat to be with other photographers (I use the term loosely for myself) and not be the only one holding up the group. :aww:

:bulletred: My wonderful Godmother Christine :rose: has celebrated another glorious birthday :dance: :boogie: :party: :cake: Happy Birthday again, if you happen to read this :D A lot of family came, and it was quite a treat to have Grandmother, my Godmother, my cousins and my cousins' new babies all at the same spot :aww: We enjoyed a lovely Brunch - for me the highlight was the fantastic cheeses, and my godmothers Birchermuelsi (a Swiss yogurt/muesli type dish) :drool:

:bulletred: I took another walk down at the Griefensee (the local lake). This time without any nude bathing incidents :lol: The photos I took were a lot better then the ones I took on that first day. As a matter of fact, there are several that I will probably get printed when I get home.... On a side note, the meeting with Hanspi has really made me think about getting some of my better photos printed. They look so much better when then are in a proper frame and on a wall :gallery:  I'm not yet sure if my photos will be good enough for decoration purposes, so I'll have to see.
...back to Griefensee now - I took a lot of Sepia and B&W shots, I love those modes :nod: It was dusk, the clouds looked moody, and just the right amount of sunlight was coming though them. The result was a series of moody waterscape/landscape shots that I am sure you will adore once I upload them :aww:

:bulletred: Hiking :#1: Yes, hiking. Treks this time took me up to the Flumserberg, which is the place I used to go skiing in winter, when I still lived in this lovely country. While the place looks rather different in summer, I still recognised at lot of the runs I used to ski down. It brought back a few memories, and also rekindled a flame (though never completely doused) that begged me to go skiing. I have made a little baby-promise to myself to visit Switzerland in winter next time. The last 2 times have both been summer escapes.... well now I want some snow :-)
My hiking team consisted, once again, of my Auntie Maria and her husband Ruedi - who knows how to build a hell-of-a-fire by the way :-) A few decent photos were taken - Photos of things beautiful, rather than beautiful photos as I like to say.... but they were pretty nice anyway. I might upload some in the future. It will be a treat for those of you that enjoy mountain photos :nod:

:bulletred: I took some typical 'High-Voltage power lines up again a moody sky in B&W' type shots. I might also upload them, but I'm not sure yet :shrug:

:bulletred: I woke up late last night (around 2:00 it was) and turned on the TV to watch some music videos. The intention was to watch a few videos and then go back to sleep.... As I lay in bed however, I suddenly got that must-take-photo feeling that all know and love. I wanted to create a dirty type shot of me sitting in front of the TV, being showered in its radiation. 3 to 5 second exposures followed. Some of the shots were good, others were grotesque :crazy: I will look at them again in a couple of weeks before I make up my mind about them.
While I had a good time taking them, I had the constant fear that my godmother would come into my room to check to see why the light was on, and find me in the dark, half naked, taking photos of myself.... to a person that is not photographically inclined, this would be a rather strange image :giggle: And not one I wanted to bestow upon her :-)

:bulletred: The Stand has finally been finished. It was a huge leg'o'ham of a book (1421 pages) and took me a few months to finish. I am now reading The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass. I've reading it almost constantly, and I'm already up to the last 200 pages (its 840 pages long). I will have to see if I can buy The Dark Tower V in English somewhere near here. I'm sure there'll be a store in Zürich that sells it :nod: :pray:

:bulletred: Have I mentioned.... Belgian Beer?? :D The Fridge in my room is empty of the lovely Brews, meaning I will have to make my way to Zürich to Re-stock :nod: This will be done sometime this week :D Besides, Heinz has also become a fan, and I have a think of others as well :-)

I will upload some photos a little later, and update my journal once I'm done. It's too late at the moment :yawn:

UPDATE - And here are the photos :camera:

Down at the Greifensee by aussiepoida Up at the Flumserberg by aussiepoida What's with the Hat....? by aussiepoida Lunchtime at Flumserberg by aussiepoida Maria sends her regards by aussiepoida An ode to.... by aussiepoida One Lake of Many by aussiepoida


aussiepoida :wave:

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The Mini Gallery of Western Australia :boogie:

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Full View Please :aww:
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chiara's avatar
hey there Peter :)
sorry for the late reply on your you know i have beent taking a bit of a break. It seems you're having an absoutlely wonderful time overseas, just the break you needed. I'm glad you're able to catch up with family and friends, you sound a lot happier indeed :)
I have not, as yet, been overseas....but you're making it appealing and almost irrisitable.
Hope to hear more updates from you soon, enjoy yourself over there and stay safe :hug:

aussiepoida's avatar
Thank you dear - I certainly plan to look after myself.

Take your time with commenting and such, I'm in no rush - but it is nice to know that you are keeping track of me :-)

You'll make it overseas one day, and if I actually lived there, I would offer you a place to live.... but as I said, I don’t :giggle:

Be good :hug:

lambi's avatar
You seem like youre having endless amounts of fun
aussiepoida's avatar
When summarising over a months worth of activities, it can often seem like the fun is non-stop.
dimentional-intuitio's avatar
oh cool journal banner!

:) It is good to hear you are well then, and that you have had a chance to talk to another photographer :thumbsup:

I said I would read my new books this holidays but it hasn't happened yet...:hmm:

Keep having fun! :hug: Don't run out of your Belgian Beer ;) hehe
aussiepoida's avatar
I took a trip to Zürich today to stock up on the Belgian Brews - but thank you for your concern :aww:

I'm glad you like my banner... I think its a little too silly myself :-)

Be good :hug:

dimentional-intuitio's avatar
:D yay good to hear

No its not silly

I shall be good hehe :hug:
websmith's avatar
- Is the little guitar a Ukulele?

- Hanspi's photography sounds like it would have been interesting to look at. It's fun to print and frame your own photos, I have done a few of mine. I figured if you make sure the frame is of high quality you could substitute it for other prints later on if you want.

- "This time without any nude bathing incidents" :lol: what a shame.

- Hiking and fires sounds like a good recipe for fun and adventure.

- The whole "I wanted to create a dirty type shot of me sitting in front of the TV" paragraph is a classic :lol:

- What would you rate 'The Stand' out of 5 - would you recommend it?

The new journal header is quite spiffy too

aussiepoida's avatar
The Guitar is actually a Mandolin :-) and I have just been informed that it belonged to my great-grandmother which is kinda cool.

I'll have to do another photo session with it, and this time try to really bring out its age :nod:

What would I rate 'The Stand' out of five? :confused: It’s sort of hard to say. Personally I would give it a 7.5 out of 10 (sorry mate, I tend to rate things out of 10) As I stated, its a awfully long book, so there were some sections that were not overly exciting - that being said though, I kept me adequately entertained, even though the not so thrilling bits.
I don’t think it’s to everyone’s taste, but I thought it was great.... but no where near as good as the Dark Tower series.

I'm glad you like my journal header.... I was in the mood to create something ridiculous and silly, and this is what resulted :giggle: I'm not sure if I'll use it for long, it just looks a little bit too stupid I think.

Thanks for popping by to read mate :#1:


Mannu's avatar
I have The Dark Tower VI right here :D

In german.. but.. I have it.. :boogie:

Maybe.. you give it a "german try".. ;)
aussiepoida's avatar
Read Kings glorious works in German - GOD NO!!! :crying:

But I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's reading the series at the moment. :-)

Dont tell me anything about it :D

Take Care, and thanks for dropping by :aww:

Mannu's avatar
I think there are many many more, because the 6. came out last month..
But I can remember, when I first read Wizard and Glas I was sooo damn bored.. I've thrown it away after some chapters.. Some years later I managed to read it.. And it was not soo boring as I remember..

The next one is more thrilling ;)
aussiepoida's avatar
I can’t believe you were bored during Wizard and Glass - From all the people I know that have read the series, Wizard is everyone’s favourite so far, including mine :-)

I found 'The Drawing of the Three' to be the least interesting.... that being said, I loved it as well :D

I'm certainly looking forward to reading the final part :reading: which comes out this year as well :clap:
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