Travel Update 05 - Switzerland/Germany

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To the Gracious and wonderful DA community, and silent non-DA affiliated family and friends whom have come to read :bow:

:earth: I welcome you to this, the 5th Edition of my travel column. I hope you have gained some enjoyment and pleasure form my below average typing and spelling skills, and perhaps even from my photos and half interesting stories :hmm:

Truth be told, while the last couple of weeks have been interesting and fun, I don't think the 'fun' will truly come though in this journal entry - But I'll sure as hell try, and with a bit of luck you'll bear with me.

:bulletred: I've been driving around the country-side a fair bit and I've gone to see some places I have not seen for 14 years. It's quite an interesting experience seeing those places again.

:bulletred: I went walking around Griefensee, which is a lake in the area. It's a popular place for people to Job, Roller-blade, ride, swim and pick nick. I was walking along the waters edge with my camera away from the main walking path. I took a number of photos, some decent, but mostly crap.
The lakes edge is pre-dominantly covered with bushes and trees, and it was not easy to keep close to the lake in some sections. Either way, I pushed my way though a bush and managed to stumble into the middle of the nude bathing section. Everyone was starring at me, and I was standing there with my camera in hand :-)
It was an interesting situation to be in, but I managed to get out of it without being beaten..... it would certainly have been interesting to be beaten by a mob of naked women :D

:bulletred: I've started to take a lot of photos using Macro, high F-Number and medium shutter speed. I love how they turn out sometimes :aww:

:bulletred: Heinz and I took a day trip to Sensheim in Germany to visit the Auto and Technical Museum. The place was huge and very interesting. They had about 10 places situated at the entrance alone.... and they were proper, big planes, not just one man jets.
And yes, I did enjoy the opportunity to drive rather fast on the Autobahn. There was very little traffic on the way back, so it was safe to do so :D

:bulletred: Guess what - Volketswil has turned 1100 :dance: :boogie: ...and for those of you that don't know (which is most of you :aww: ) Volketswil is the town I'm living in at the moment, which is also the town I lived in for 6 years before moving to Australia. In other words, it's like a secondary home :-)
In celebration of this monumental age, there was a big town fair, with everything you'd expect at a birthday party - Beer halls, Rides, Beer, Folk-music, People drinking Beer, Fireworks and people (with beer).
Well, truth be told, there was not that much beer (well I guess there was :confused:) , but there was a lot of fun :D
My hosts (My Godmother and her husband Heinz), our neighbours and I got quite tipsy and didn't get home until 2:30 ... there was dancing :dance: and boogieing :boogie: and drinking :drunk: ....and to top it off, we all went on a big, 15m high slide :D   .... it was certainly an interesting night, especially since my fellow partiers were all over 50 :headbang:
The Swiss precision flying team also made an appearance, and they were indeed fantastic :clap: I tired taking some photos, but you could never hear them coming, which made things difficult for me :-)

:bulletred: I've been putting in some serious Reading-Time with The Stand. It's a fantastic book and I've been trip-reading it for way too long. I'm now only 120 pages from the end. It has 1421 pages, so it's been a long, but enjoyable, haul :reading:
The next book on the list is The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass :psychotic:

:bulletred: As mentioned prior - Walking and Hiking have been the primary forms of passing time. It's just wonderful that I can walk out the front door and then hike in forests for 4 or 5 hours. That's something I would love to be able to do back home :nod:

:bulletred: I tired taking photos of the Venus Transit, but I could not get a filter dark enough. I used some welding goggles, but they just weren't strong enough... not for my camera anyway :-)

:bulletred: I mowed the lawn at my Grandmother and Grandfathers farm. What fun it was, and helping the elderly filled me with a warm feeling inside :aww:

:bulletred: DAMN HAY-FEVER!!! :eye:

:bulletred: Once again I made my way into Zürich to go to the National Museum (Landesmuseum) - While it was a great museum, it was much like the other museums I've been to., I was not allowed to take photos inside. I didn't even realise at first, but was approached by the friendly staff very quickly.

:bulletred: I could not possibly go a Journal Entry without mentioning Belgian Beer :D While I was in Zürich I used the opportunity to buy myself some varieties I had never tried before. I bought 10 different bottles for $40 - They would have easily cost $150 back home, if I could have actually found them that is :-)

Anyway, I must be off, here are the new photos for your enjoyment. Nothing too exciting this time.


aussiepoida :wave:

Schloss Uster by aussiepoida Sinsheim Auto and Technic by aussiepoida Patrouille de Suisse 01 by aussiepoida Patrouille de Suisse 02 by aussiepoida All the fun of the Fair by aussiepoida Red Eye Reduction - OFF by aussiepoida Big - Tall - Alone by aussiepoida World Trade Globe by aussiepoida

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Full View Please :aww:
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dimentional-intuitio's avatar
yay! sounds like you are having lots of fun, as you should be. Good to hear you are part-ay-ing as well :D

:hug: have fun, don't get beaten by angry naked people
dimentional-intuitio's avatar
haha :lol: ..the answer I expected
aussiepoida's avatar
I'll do my best not to.... I'll do my best. No guarantees though :giggle:
donniebrasco's avatar
Belgian beer, what have you been drinking? we have a lot of beers, a lot of good beers, and it's not horse pee as in england and holland :D
I will say hi To lady V from you, you can count on that
when will you be in Belgium?

aussiepoida's avatar
I guess I am not on your watch (and you are not on mine, though thats fixed now :D ) otherwise you'd probably have noticed that a mention beligian beer in almost ever journal entry I make :D

I just love that stuff :nod:

I first stumbled across it in Perth, Western Australia, at the Belgian Beer Cafe and fell in love with it.

The first Belian Beer I ever had was a Leffe Brune, though my taste has outgrown it somewhat by now.

At the moment my favourites are 'Gulden Draak' and 'Bush Amber' - though I tried a 'Achel Brune' a couple of days ago, and I was highly satisfied :nod:

I've got quite a few in the fridge at the moment that I have never tired before. A couple of 'Deliriums' which I'm quite curious about.

Have you got any suggestions?

I'll be landing in Beligan on the 2nd of August. It'd be great to get together, if your intersted :-) I'm meeting up with homy and homygirl as well, whom have offered me a place to stay for a while.

Cheers :drunk: (aussiepoida Opens a 'Kasteel Brune', though thinks its a little too sweet)

iagen's avatar
*laughs* Your journal updates are always amusing. A perpetually good read, something to lift the funk of any day. Thank you! :hug:

Glad you're having a wonderful time over there. And suuuuuure, you 'stumbled' into that bathing section? That's what they alll say. :D
aussiepoida's avatar
Thanks a lot mate, I'm glad you think so :D

It takes ages to type this stuff up and get the pics uploaded and such. I'm never sure if its actually worth it, since I am supposed to be on holiday. Feedback like yours however, incourages me to keep doing though :-)


websmith's avatar
The nude bathing story was a classic :) The Auto and Technical Museum sounds cool not to mention the autobahn - what speed did you get up too? Sounds like your having a great time - keep having fun :)
aussiepoida's avatar
I am indeed having a good time :boogie:

The nude situation was indeed an interesting one :giggle: I was just frozen for a moment as my heart filled with fear :-)

Take Care mate

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.... I appear to be missing the toilet :D :boogie:
asymons's avatar
Love your journal, peter.... sounds like you are having a blast!!!! and your pics are gorgeous.....

Greetings from back home..... suppose you've heard about Peter Garrett :faint: :giggle: (Go the oils!!!! RIP)

anyhoo.....your read made a nice diversion from my work here this evening..... it's a long weekend here at the moment....Queens Birthday... rah rah!!

take care...
aussiepoida's avatar
Yes , Peter Garrett indeed :-)

Its certainly an interesting development, but I cant help but be reminded of Schwarzenegger....

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.... I know I did. Though I'm sure my weekend has been longer than yours :giggle:

I'm glad your're enjoying my journal. I'm never too sure if its worth me writing it :confused:

Take Care :hug:

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