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Greetings to all whom have come to read,

Firstly, my cousins new-born is squealing its head of :D Oh the joy. There is truly nothing more soothing for the mind :meditate: but I'd rather have her here squealing, than not have her here at all.

Well, I guess I'm due for a Journal update. Strangely, this appears to be more of a personal thing now, as I'm looking forward to reading some of my old entries when I get back home :-) That being said, I hope some of you guys are enjoying the updates as well... I am full of hope :yes:

So, what have I been up to. It's always an interesting question and gives me to think back and appreciate the things I've seen and done. So let's see :-

:bulletred: On the day I last updated my Journal, I went hot-air ballooning. You may recall that I had previously been part of the ground-crew, but I finally got to take a ride myself. I included some photos for your viewing pleasure.

:bulletred: I went Hiking around Mount Säntis, you may recall that my previous batch of photos included photos from the top of it.

:bulletred: I went to Einsiedeln, which is the prime place of pilgrimage in Switzerland. The place was certainly more spectacular than I was expecting, certainly one of grandest churches I have ever seen. I wasn't allowed to take photos inside (I hate rules like that), so I took plenty of photos of the outside. Though none are worth uploading.

:bulletred: I went Hiking up Mount Meyten (I have no idea how to spell it :no: ) It was my favourite trek so far and I took a ton of pictures (almost laterally) Please have a look at them... especially you Preacher.

:bulletred: I have at long last reached the halfway mark in `The Stand` I'm now up to page 780. I hope to finish it in the next couple of weeks.

I was planning to go to the National Museum in Zürich today, but I think I'll leave it till tomorrow. Uploading these photos has taken a little longer than expected :-)

Anyway, I hope you are all well, and I hope you have a quick look at the photos :D

Cheers until next time


PS: Please excuse the spelling errors and such. One- I'm using a KB with Swiss layout. Two- I don't have a spell checker. Three- I have very little time to write this stuff.

Here is the next batch of Photos -

Take Care everyone group-hug :hug:

In the Balloon : Part 1 by aussiepoida In the Balloon : Part 2 by aussiepoida All the Pretty Horses by aussiepoida Hiking in the Alps by aussiepoida Maria and I by aussiepoida Cooking up a Storm by aussiepoida Double Waterfall by aussiepoida Follow the Path by aussiepoida The Path to the Top by aussiepoida Getting there, slowly by aussiepoida I love Hiking by aussiepoida

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General Information

Greetings all,

As some of you may know, I have left on a little trip. This trip will last between 3 and 12 months, depending on the work I might be able to get my hands on in Europe.

What does this mean for deviantart and me

My plan at the moment is to visit DA on a regular basis for the first couple of months while I am still in Switzerland. After that I am likely only check in once every week or two.
The aim is to upload a photo from every city or place I visit as well as 'perhaps' update my Journal- hopefully on a regular basis as stated above.

Sadly, during my travels, I am unlikely to have enough time to actually comment on other peoples work... though I will answer comments and questions that some of you MAY have.

Take Care everyone :aww:


The Mini Gallery of ME :aww:

H u m a n by aussiepoida ...really think about it by aussiepoida D e s p a i r by aussiepoida Dreamscape by aussiepoida

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:bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute: :bow: :salute:

YOU KNOW WHY :!::!::!:
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Indeed I do :-)

Its my pleasure mate, besides, I'm curious to see how you'll use the new Journal features :-)

Cheers :drunk:

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It'll kinda be like I did in the old days .. but maybe bit different.
Currently working on a deadline, so I don't think it'll be for today.

Any idea when you'll be in Belgium ? So I can start bugging you all day :)
I'll drag you along to drink some fine belgium beers
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I'll be flying into Belgium at the begining of August. I'm not sure how much time I'll spend there, but I have 4 weeks to cover Belgian and the Netherlands. I'll have to see.

But I'm sure I can squize in a Belgian Trapiste Brew of two :drunk: Oh how I love the beers your people brew. God bless them :D

Good luck with your dead-lines mate.

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Thanks :)
Well, I'll be sure to take some good beers in the house, so we don't have to drive to get drinks.
Plus it's more fun because Elke will probably start nagging :p
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I'm sure Elke will be drinking right along with us mate :D
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She doesn't drink that much ... although with my birthday party she did help me finish my last Duvels :)

PS : New journal is online :) ;)
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I must say, I'm not a big fan of Duvel... at least not compared to some of your other brews :D

God Bless Tripple Carmaliet (I have no idea how to spell it)
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Still read "The Stand"? Wow,

okay.. is a very looooong looong long book.. but also very thrilling :fear:

Your first King-Book?

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I'm enjoying your journal a lot, full of beautiful images and details.
And i'm discovering Your gallery. I'm amazed, it has given me much to think...

Cheers Peter
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I'm glad you like my journey, and my gallery. Though you are yet to truly discover my 'expressive' stuff :-)


It's great to see everything and hear what you're up to! (maybe i can travel vicariously through you.. lol). The Alps look amazing! Keep having fun!
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I'm glad you are enjoying my updates :aww: It makes updating my journal a little more meaningful.

Take Care :-)

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hi sweety, I am so happy to read you are having fun :w00t:
hope you can tell the same happy stories when you are here in Belgium..

take good care

aussiepoida's avatar
I'm sure I'll have plenty to tell you, dont worry :-) Fun has been had, that's for sure :D

You take care too, I hope all is well with you :-)


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Your travel shots are quite entertaining - it's good to see what your getting up to. The recent shots seem a lot happier than your recent WA based ones - goes to show that it pays to get away from it all once in a while.
aussiepoida's avatar
You noticed a change? :confused:

I'm only kidding of course, I realise the tone of my photos has changed. I'm glad you've noticed my happier vibe :D

That being said, I havent really uploaded any 'photography' type photos (which I have been taking). I'll wait with those until I get home.

I hope to keep you entertained for the next few months. Dont feel that you have to comment on each shot, but I'll be happy to know that you're looking at them :-)

Cheers :drunk:


PS: Have you made any trips to the BBC lately?
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:thumbsup: keep them tourist shots coming Peter :D hmm the BBC - I tend to favour my Irish Stout at Rosy O'Grady's and similar with the cold weather we have here at the moment - not that I would turn down a Duvel or similar every now and then at the BBC :)
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.... I damn well hope not mate :D :drunk:
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