Travel Update 02 - Switzerland

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Greetings to you all,

I've been in Switzerland for a week now, and it has been far from relaxing. That being said, I am enjoying myself but I am yet to get enough time to myself to start what I came here to do.... sort out some of my problems. But there is still plenty of time for that I guess :-)

Actually, I got some time to myself yesterday - I decided to take a walk in the woods by myself. I went for 4 hours, and only the thought of eating drove me back to civilisation.

I took a hell of a lot of pictures during my little walk (700mb worth), but most of them are useless. The light conditions are vastly different in a forrest than anything I'm used to... I need practice :-)

I spent this morning at my Grandma's house again and helped Grandad cut firewood for the coming winter.

I took a lot of photos there too - I suddenly realised how photogenic a 120 year old barn really is.

Either way, here is the Second Batch of photos :D

Glorious Cows by aussiepoida Grandma's House again... by aussiepoida Grandad's Barn by aussiepoida My little friend and I by aussiepoida

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General Information

Greetings all,

As some of you may know, I have left on a little trip. This trip will last between 3 and 12 months, depending on the work I might be able to get my hands on in Europe.

What does this mean for deviantart and me

My plan at the moment is to visit DA on a regular basis for the first couple of months while I am still in Switzerland. After that I am likely only check in once every week or two.
The aim is to upload a photo from every city or place I visit as well as 'perhaps' update my Journal- hopefully on a regular basis as stated above.

Sadly, during my travels, I am unlikely to have enough time to actually comment on other peoples work... though I will answer comments and questions that some of you MAY have.

Take Care everyone :aww:


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StianW's avatar
switzerland rocks, where in switzerland are you?
aussiepoida's avatar
Switzerland is rather nice I must say :-)

I'm currently in a little town to the east of Zürich staying with family.

How are things is Oslo?


StianW's avatar
things are nice in olso i think but i am still in switzerland in north zurich and i love it maybe i see u around
aussiepoida's avatar
I'd love to catch up sometime. How long are you staying? I'm pretty busy for the next month, but after that I'm freeish :-)
StianW's avatar
hehe i am going next month or in 3 weeks but in some weeks i come back cos i am moving here, u ofen in zurich city?
aussiepoida's avatar
It's funny you ask... I've just come back from there. I'm staying here for another 2 months, so let me know when you'll have time :-)



PS: Great place to move to mate :#1:
StianW's avatar
hehe, i will let you know mate
aussiepoida's avatar
Cheers. I look forward to it :-)
ziyan's avatar
i miss ya peter.. :hug:
hope ur enjoying urself..(betcha u are now...)
aussiepoida's avatar
I am, I am :D

Thanks for your well-wishes :dance: :hug:

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