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Greetings to all - the stage has been set, the arrangements are in place.... I'm off on a little trip again :dance:

I will be leaving from Perth, Australia on 02.05.04 for Singapore and Zurich.

I plan to do a hell of a lot of Hiking in Switzerland and take heaps of photos. My whole extended family lives there, so I'll have plenty of people to catch up with. I'm not sure how long I'll be in Switzerland for, but I'm thinking around 2 months.

From there, I will be backpacking around Belgium and the Netherlands for a month or two before flying over to England/Scotland for a week or two.

If any one has any suggestions for Belgium and the Netherlands, let me know. I'm sure there are some hidden treasures that don't appear in the guide books :-)

From England, I'll be off to Toronto in Canada to hopefully do some farm work somewhere in the countryside (thank you Verero :hug: ). I'm not sure how much time I'll spend there, but I'm hoping to stay in Canada for a couple of months if possible.

From Toronto I'll be flying to San Francisco to visit some more family :dance: - from there I'm off to Auckland in New Zealand and then back Home to Perth.

I've been stocking up on Memory Cards and Batteries for the Camera and I'm looking forward to taking A LOT of photos.



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wow Pete it sounds great. I wished I could travelling right now...:)
I lived in Belgium for four years and it is very beautiful there. so many nice citys their....when I have the time I will write more about it

take care

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I'm just looking forward to hiking around the place, taking photos of the countryside and some lovely little villages.... and to do it for next to no money :giggle: I get the impression I'll be looking a lot of weight in Europe as I wont be able to afford to feed myself :-)


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Peter, you've got a wonderful journey ahead.

I'm glad you will find friends/relatives on your way ... and I'm sure you'll be making new friends too. Mostly I hope you find what cannot be taken into picture: your inner peace.

Your trip doesn't stop at my place... and understand your choice.
I hope we will have that beer someday... ;-)

I wish you a safe journey and many wonders to see.
Enjoy every minute of it Peter. :hug: :kiss:
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Thank you very much Sarah - I would have loved to come to the Philippines, but as you've pointed out - it’s not very stable at the moment.

Our paths will meet one day I hope :hug:
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oh wow! that sounds so exciting :boogie: :D

you also have to come here though :nod:
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It is a bit exciting - unfortunately my ticket does not allow me to make any more stops :-( I might visit you guys later this year, or early next... well have to see what happens :-)

Be good
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lol, we shall be good

At least you will come some time- I know you'll have fun where you are going though :thumbsup:
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:O..dont tel me you arent coming here.
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Unfortunately the Round-the-world ticket I bought does not allow me to make another stop :'( ....and I couldn’t afford to buy a more expensive ticket....

... I'm sorry :-( Maybe I'll visit later in the year :-)
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:cries: you'd better. :(
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Sounds like a pretty good holiday. Request No. 1 - if possible can you get some shots of the Dutch Windmills in the Netherlands I love these things...

Look forward to seeing the photos and hearing all about it.
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I still intend to catch up with you for a Beer or two before I leave.... We'll discuss your photo request then :D
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