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Greetings to all -

I suppose this journal entry is mostly aimed at the digital photography people among us :-)

For one reason or another, I have managed to form quite strong (yet completely untested) opinions regarding storage mediums for digital cameras. I don't really know why, but I do not want to use anything other than Compact Flash. I have not used ANY of the other mediums, but for some reason, I hate them :-) Why? I do not know.

I think it's because it's established technology - old, yet compact (no pun intended :-) ) and fast. There are so many different types of storage out there now, and I'm sure half of them will disappear in a couple of years.

CF has been around for quite some time, and for a while I thought it might be on the way out. I was greatly relieved when Canon and Nikon decided to use it in their latest cameras.

As a result of its recent popularity resurgence, I'm sure it will remain the media of choice for many years to come. I hope so anyway - I've got too much of the stuff to just throw it away. The thought of not being able to use it with my future cameras terrifies me :-)

Anyway, enough boring dribble - What storage medium do you use?


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and it says compatible... :confused: With what???
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Found it :!: it's a MemoryStick ... this serious?! Contagious?! :omg: :p :hug:
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i'm with ~dimentional-intuitio :omg: :confused:

could you speak English please? :p :p :p
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lol sorry :D

I'm talking about the various types of Memory Cards that are used in Digital Cameras these days.

A few years ago, the only sort of memory card there was, was CompactFlash. These days there are a lot of different cards available, including - CF, MemoryStick, MMC, SD etc...

These cards can only be used in cameras that are designed for them. When buying a new Digital Camera, you may find that your old (and expensive) memory cards no longer work with them.

My question was, what sort of memory card do you use in your Digital Camera? I suppose some people only have I card and may not even know what is sitting inside the camera :-)

I hope that clears things up for you :D
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LOLL oh absolutEly dear :p

Sarah :sprint: and checks her dear cam ;-)

now...where is that memory card? :evileye: :ohmygod:
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:D Are you sure your using a Digital Camera :D ?

What sort of camera are you using? :hug:
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LOLLLL Yes!!! so far it's a digital camera LOLLL :p

Ok what kind of camera I'm using...

It's says

SONY (model MVC-FD85)
Digital Still Camera
Digital MAVICA
MemoryStick ( :p )
Compatible ( :confused: )
1200 x 960 large size
Precision Digital 6x zoom
Made in Japan

:omg: :omg:
CAUTION!: Risk of electric shock do not open :!:
now...this is interesting...:p :p
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HA HA - Well there we go then :-)

Your camera uses the Sony Memorysticks - pretty much the most expensive memory available :-)

Thanks for all the info :-)
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Glad I passed the exam ;-) :p

You have not answered my question yet! grrrr ;-)

On my journal...;-)
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Well you know i use Sony Memory Sticks. I personally hate the thought of them because they are only usable in sony equipment and I highly doubt that will ever change. I guess they are a trap.... when I think of new digital camera's or video camera's I have to think sony because of the prices I paid for the damn memory sticks.
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969 pageviews- go Poida!!!

I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about :confused:
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Thanks :D

Have a look further down to get a quick explination of what I mean.... or click here [link]
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