Fisherman's Friends

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Greetings to all,

Today I have a question - Do you like "Fisherman's Friends" and if so, which flavour is your poison?

Personally I like "Original" and "Aniseed".

On another note - Please visit :iconkevissimo:

I'm not much of an artist, but this guy's work is just amazing. I still have no idea how he makes those pieces of art. Incredible stuff, seriously.
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Whoa.... thanks so much... what a great honor... and surprise!
Fisherman's Friends? Hmm...nothing I've seen in CA... will have to search around...

cheers to ya again!
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You're not about to tell me that you've never heard of Fisherman's Friends?????? :-)

Thanks for dropping by mate.
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Fisherman's Friends are lethal. Any flavour! Eating them will kill all your tastebuds and you will get immune to good coffee - did you know that? ;)
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Then I shall consume them no more!!!!
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I have never tried them. I like tic-tacs [the ones in the orange container]....:D

Cute little mini-gallery :thumbsup:
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...well you certainly can’t compare the two :-) They are an acquired taste I guess :D

I'm glad you like my mini-gallery :boogie:
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:D yes I do

I think I'll try fisherman's friend/s
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Do so at your own risk. I think the Aniseed ones are the most commonly acceptable ones. The others a bit strong.


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