Coffee - The Spice of Life

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While I am aware that Coffee is actually not a spice, I still consider it to be the spice of life (along with a host of other ingredients of course)

Coffee is my passion (along with some other things, of course :-) ) and the joy that I feel when I have a good cup with great company is second to none (not entirely true :-) )

I've always been a little obsessed with good coffee.... these days I've pretty much stopped drinking the instant stuff.... it just does not compare to the Cafe style coffees.

Anyway, I was wondering if there were any other coffee freaks out there.... come forth now and let your voices be heard!!!!


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The hugest adjustment I had to make when I moved to Canada from Europe had to do with the coffee. I still don't consider what is served in many restaurants around here coffee! I drink it, it has caffeine... but: it's some weird brew. Coffee actually tastes like something!

At home here I have a little DeLonghi Espresso machine. I either buy Tschibo Exclusiv coffee (German) when I can get it or shade-grown, organic coffe from the mountains... Oh my, look at all this!? But you asked =)

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Well well - it sounds to me like you've got some good taste :-) Perhaps I can pop over to your place one day and you can make me one of those coffees :hug:

Thank you for popping by my Dear :hug: I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with coffee :D
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Anytime, my friend :nod:
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I love coffee too! Kate didn't like it at first, but I got her into it :D

:coffecup: :heart:
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I'm sure Kate is thankful for that now :-) Coffee is just so damn nice :D
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lol, yes she is. Right you are :coffeecup: = :D
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Nescaffe or Cocoa here! :) I'm not so fond of real coffe, it is a tad to strong for me.
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Keep in mind that there is a difference between a strong coffee and a bitter coffee (which you may be confusing with being strong)

Each to their own I guess :-)
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:coffeecup: It's Lavazza coffee daily for me Peter :lol:
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For some reason everything I see and hear that word, I am reminded of SBS' " Fashionista" - I have no idea why :-) I've never even watched it :D
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Everytime I hear the word Fashionista I think of lesbians....

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... it seems to me that every time you think you think of lesbians :lol:
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Here's some info regarding your thumbnails in the journal question [link] :)
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hehehe!! /raise up her hand..
im a caffeine freak....
heheheeh!! no doubt abt it...
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It's strange, I actually have no NEED for caffeine... even though I used to drink 6 - 8 cups of coffee a day at work... for me its all about the flavour and the atmosphere :-)

Thanks for dropping a line :hug:
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